What is Travel and Curls?

Travel and Curls is a UK based travel blog which was established in 2016. This is the year I made a decision to leave my career within the Criminal Justice System to travel. In 2015 I went to ten different countries whilst working full time and decided I need to take a career break and explore new places. This blog was created to share my love of travel but also to help others travel too. Travel and Curls covers everything travel related from destination highlights, reviews, tips and opinion pieces. I will also cover life decisions I have been through to show others you are not alone.

Furthermore I have also been asked about my hair and the products I use. I will do blog posts in regards to this.

Who is Travel and Curls?

Hey, I am Rachel (Rae) and I have big hair and love to travel! I am based in London and as stated previously I left my career within the Criminal Justice System to travel. Since the age of 18  I always promised myself two holidays a year and in 2015 I went on ten holidays, this is when I realised I need to take the opportunity to take a year out from working to travel. I was born in 1991 and have always done what I felt society told me to do. I went to school, college, university and started my career, by this point I felt trapped and always questioned is this what life is all about. For some it may be however I knew deep down this was not the case for me. I love meeting new people, tasting new food and visiting new destinations. I will start my biggest journey on the 22nd August 2016 where I will be going to Australia, Sydney. From there I would like to go to South East Asia. Who knows where I will end up (That’s the most exciting part!) but my aim in life is to visit at least one country in each continent.

Leaving my career was the scariest thing I could imagine however it is the BEST thing I have ever done. Let the travelling begin!


Me, Myself and I.


So here’s where I’ve been so far:

A – Australia.

B – Belgium

C –  Czech Republic (Prague), Cyprus (Aiya Napa x2), Cambodia.

D – Denmark

E –  England

F – France (Paris, St-Remy-de-Provence)

G – Germany (Berlin)

H – Hungary (Budapest)

I – Italy (Rome), Indonesia (Bali).

M – Morocco (Marakech), Malaysia.

N – Netherlands (Amsterdam x3, Rotterdam)

P – Portugal (Algarve), Philippines.

S – Spain (Gran Canaria, Costa Brava, Barcelona, Ibiza)

T – Turkey (Bodrum), Thailand.

U – United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

V – Vatican City, Vietnam.

W – Wales

Maybe one day I will be able to fill the alphabet… Watch this space!