Letting Of A Lantern In Hoi An.

Hoi An

I left Vietnam nearly two weeks and have just been able to write about this. I have struggled to keep everyone up to date with travelling as the last month has been so on going. Honestly I found Vietnam to be my least favourite country so its even harder to write about a place I didn’t enjoy. Don’t get me wrong I made some great memories and Hoi An was my favourite out of all the places in Vietnam.

Hoi An

First let me tell you about the 18 hour coach journey I encountered. We heard the best way to travel Vietnam was the overnight sleeper buses, this mean’t we could save on accommodation for two nights which was a bonus. Well… As much as a sleeper bus sounds good compared to a normal sitting coach it was awful. Road rules are thrown out of the window, you can not sleep as you are worried you will be in a car crash and the constant beeping keeps you awake. I had to change buses three times, and every time we changed bus we had to wait around for a while. When we asked how long do we have to wait they said 10 minutes, 10 minutes meaning a hour! However there was a much worse experience with a overnight bus from Hoi An to Ho Chin Minh (You will be able to read about this in the following blog post).

Night Bus 

Finally I arrived in Hoi An and I could not wait to jump in the shower. We checked into our hostel which appeared to originally be a hotel but with loads of beds in a room. It was a good hostel so thought great!

Traffic in Vietnam is crazy! 

We explored the town and checked what was around. Hoi An is well known for tailor made clothes and there were loads of tailors around. We bumped into a lady who asked if we wanted to go into her shop. Natalia was planning to get a dress custom made for her Grandads party so this was the best place to be for this.

We also wanted to check the famous Japanese bridge in Hoi An, so we checked that out (We made the mistake by going to the wrong bridge, which we found out later). That evening we met a friend Carol, who lives in Hoi An at a reggae event called Soul Kitchen and it was nice to see a friendly face and have a few drinks with Carol and her friends. However as you can imagine, Natalia and I had no sleep and felt so tired so we left to go back to the hostel.

The following day, we went into the pool that was in our hostel, however as soon as I got in I thought I had caught some kind of disease, it was awful. There was hair in it and it was so dirty so I didn’t last long in the pool. Again we checked out the city and that evening we went to a bar across the road, 80,000 dong for unlimited drinks which equivalents to £2.73. This was a really funny night as this guy decided to join us, he seemed friendly so we asked if we wanted to join us to a place called Tiger Tiger. To get to Tiger Tiger, me, this guy and Carol were all on one moped (3 on a ped was scary to say the least) and Natalia went on a ped with someone else. Well I was holding on for dear life but Carol done really well with 3 people on her bike! Whilst at Tiger Tiger, Carol and this guy went outside and were talking. Natalia and I came out and sat with them when this girl comes stomping over and went crazy at him. We all looked at each other like what the hell – IT WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND! What a ass! He was supposed to meet her back at the hotel but instead joined us… After the 3 of us went on Carols ped and she dropped us back to our hostel.

Natalia and Carol went back to the bar and I decided to get into bed, little did I know that someone was going to come into our room and ask if I wanted some of his Ban Mi (A Vietnamese sandwich), to which I replied
“No thank you.”
He then left the room and said
“I only asked if she wanted a Ban Mi.”
Drunk people aye… I had a even worse experience in Ho Chi Minh.

A selfie with a Ban Mi

The following day Carol took us out and we explored different parts of Hoi An, including the rice paddies, hidden beaches and tried the local cuisine. I hired a ped for the day, Natalia went on the back of Carols bike and we ventured out.

Trying the local cuisine.

Hoi An was my favourite place in Vietnam, it is such a pretty city. Whilst we were at the beach, Carol saw a bed post and thought it would be great for her work as it could be used as a prop. However how the hell was we going to get this bed post to her work place? Natalia carried it on the back of Carols bike, well the looks they got. I couldn’t stop laughing! See picture below!

That evening we wanted to let a lantern off in the river that runs in the middle of Hoi An. This night we actually found the real Japanese bridge which was stunning. It was a perfect night to end Hoi An on.

Ho Chin Minh next… Wait until to read about the stories from this place!
See below for tips.
Rae. x

Where to stay – Sunflower Hostel (Free breakfast was great).

What to do – Tailor made clothes (There are so many places to go and can have anything made from clothes to shoes). Japanese Bridge. Let of a lantern in the river. Beaches (There are a few beaches dotted around). Markets. Old town.


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