Another Day. Another Island.

Koh Samui.

I loved Koh Tao, I loved the beaches and the vibe so it was sad to go but it’s time to move on. We caught the boat to Koh Samui and went straight to our accommodation. We stayed at the hotel for 2 nights and the rest of the time in Koh Samui we stayed in a hostel. For us this was bliss to have a comfy bed!

When we arrived the weather was pretty okay, so we decided to check out the area and then boom – The worst weather I have witnessed in Thailand! (See picture below). Natalia and I ran into a random, abandoned pub and played cards and waited for this storm to pass.

The weather when we arrived in Koh Samui 😦

Koh Samui was so different compared to Koh Tao, it was much bigger. When we arrived at the ferry station we caught a truck to our accommodation, yes literally a truck (See below). Imagine a group of travellers packed in the back of it with our bags all balancing on top.

Credit: Google Images

It’s Not Always Sunny.

Due to the weather, we ran back to the hotel. We both got quite bored so decided to practice our hand stands – EPIC FAIL! However it killed a hour of our time and we just laughed the whole time at how bad we were.

Doing handstands in our hotel room!

We moved from the hotel to Backpackers hostel, which was really quiet. A few of the nights Natalia and I were on our own. This was quite nice having a 12 bed dorm all to ourselves.

Chewang Beach. 

One of the days we checked out the beach – Chewang Beach. What fascinated me the most was how close the aeroplanes were to the beach. I honestly thought I was going to fly away – That’s a joke, I’m too heavy to get blown away! The beach has loads of bars, however Natalia and I can only spend a few hours at the beach and end up getting bored. It didn’t help I picked up a really crap book from the free book shelf from the hostel about farming! It was the only English book on the shelf! There are loads of markets around the area – So I window shopped at all the gorgeous fake designer handbags!

Aeroplane watching on the beach.


Renting a bike and exploring waterfalls.

Personally bikes scare me. I remember going to Aiya Napa when I was 19 and falling off a bike so I have never thought about hiring one since. Natalia and I was checking how much a car would cost for a day and it was around 1000 baht, whereas a moped was 130 baht for 24 hours. So a moped was much cheaper, but the thought of riding a bike concerned me. Anyway cut a long story short we hired one and it was the best decision we made. I am such a granny driver anyway so it was fine. However, Imagine Natalia and I on a moped struggling to get up hills – It was pretty funny. (Especially as we wore the most unattractive helmets – Safety first guys!)

However having a bike gave us the flexibility to see more of the island. We checked out a waterfall and was determined to climb to the top of it. Well this is us half way up dying…

Struggling half way up the mountain.

Finally we reached the top of the waterfall and it was so worth it. The views were impeccable.  For a moment I was just staring out to the scenery and just thought what a beautiful world we live in. We were so high up and the fresh water felt so good on my skin after climbing up the mountain!

On the top on the waterfall. 

This night we finally had a roomie! YAYYYY! We decided to go for a few beers and bumped into Kate and Jack, two people we met whilst travelling the East Coast. Such a small world! It was so good to see these two and reminiscence on the times we had in Australia – I miss that place!

Calum, Natalia, Me, Kate, Jack. 

Full Moon Party

So today was the day – Full Moon Party. Natalia and I changed our whole travel itinerary so we could experience the Full Moon Party and it was mad.

We caught a speedboat over to Koh Phangan and I really liked this island. It was so much cheaper than Koh Samui and was really pretty. Whilst on the speedboat we met our Malaysian friends who were so funny and definitely kept us entertained.

On the speedboat on the way to the Full Moon Party. 

So we arrived at Koh Phangan and went straight to the beach (After quickly grabbing some street food and a beer from 7/11). We arrived really early so it was super quiet. We bought some neon paint and Natalia painted us all up which was really cool and then the party started… Below is a lovely lady called Jo Jo who we brought our buckets from!

Me, Natalia and Jo Jo – The woman who sold us the buckets. 

By 11PM the beach was packed with all kinds of people from all over the world. It was the biggest party I have ever been to. We stayed with the Malaysian guys and we also met Connie – A girl we met whilst we were in Koh Tao. I don’t even really know what to say about the Full Moon Party apart from crazy! At some points the electric went off on the island which was pretty entertaining, you can imagine the crowd when the electric come back on!

I left the Full Moon Party around 2:30 AM, and to get home was a mission. So I waited around a hour and a half to get onto the speedboat, people were arguing with the workers as it was a disaster. There was a boat every hour however there was far too many people for the boats to manage. Luckily I met some great people in the queue so we had plenty of fun.

Have you ever seen the film Titanic when the boat starts to sink and the women and children are pilled onto the little boats? Well this is exactly how it felt. To make it worse I nearly fell off the speedboat due to the waves and one the workers shouted at me saying
Luckily I never went into the sea but I was wearing a life jacket! I eventually got home around 5am – The next day was a write off!

Night market

One evening Natalia and I checked out the night markets, which had a variety of food. I am obsessed with Pad Thai (I am taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai so I can make this when I return to England) so I opted for this. It was a really cool place to eat and so cheap! However I will always love the place I ate at everyday whilst in Koh Samui – SoZapp Street Cafe. I was obsessed with this place, everyday I would eat Pad Thai for 50 baht ( 1 pound!!).

Night Food Market – Chewang.

Finding temples. 

The beauty of temples always fascinates me and there was still a few I wanted to see whilst in Koh Samui so we decided to hire another bike. Time to explore the island again!!

Riding the bike in the city. 

We first went to the Big Buddha where Natalia and I was blessed by a monk (This was so funny, I’ll explain later in this post). The big gold Buddha was just mesmerizing. We had to climb some stairs and we both sat in front of the Buddha in silence just thinking.

Blessed by a Monk. Wishing me good luck

Getting blessed by a monk was most definitely an experience. He splashed me in the face with water and said Good Luck. Well if you know me, you can imagine my reaction – Every time he splashed me I flinched and then would giggle with embarrassment. He was also telling Natalia what pictures to take and telling me what to do with my hands for the picture. I personally think he loved the camera on him, I certainly was!

Monk putting a bracelet on me after spraying me with water. 

We checked out more temples, including the red temple with a gold Buddha inside. The decor and artwork was amazing. I don’t think I will ever get sick of going to these temples, they are beautiful.

Whilst we was at the red temple we met a lovely girl called Zara. She told us the following:
“If you light three incense sticks and bow down you will receive good luck.”
Well Natalia and I tried it, you never know! Hopefully we get good luck!

Random beach we found whilst on our bike.

Whilst exploring on our moped we found a really cool beach which was pretty empty. Hiring a bike mean’t we could see so much more and we glad we did!

Our last night was finally here so we decided to head out for a few drinks with our new roomie – Lewis. We had a dance and a laugh and went back to the hostel. We had to be up at 7am to catch our flight to Chiang Mai so we didn’t go mad (Only 3 buckets each – HA!).

Me, Natalia, Lewis on our last night. 

Next stop… Chiang Mai .
Check below for tips.
Rae. x

Where to stay:
Ark Hotel – Really nice hotel however it is a party hotel. They do pool parties two nights a week!
Backpackers Koh Samui – A really decent hostel and cheap! Nothing bad to say about this hostel. The staff were so nice and they clean your bed everyday. You also get a towel! Yippeee. They have a laundry service which is really cheap!

What to do:
Full Moon Party (Koh Phangan) – Catch a boat over and barter on prices. You also have to pay 100 baht when you get to Koh Phangan.
Red Temple
Big Buddha
Chewang Beach
Mummified monk
Ark Hotel – To use their pool and pool parties every other night of the week.
Local markets – Loads of knock of designers.

Where to eat:
SoZapp Street Cafe – Food is so nice and cheap! Coconut shakes were the best and the egg pad thai.
Night markets – Such a big variety and decent prices.

Where to drink (CHEAP):
Sweet Soul Cafe – Two buckets for 150 baht.
Legends – Chang for 50 baht.



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