Swimming With Sharks… Tick.

Koa Tao.

So I was planning to do all 3 islands in one blog but I didn’t realise how much we was going to do whilst in Koh Tao so I am better off doing a blog post per island.
Imagine travelling on a flight for a hour, a 12 hour overnight train, 2 hour coach journey and a hour ferry all because it worked out cheaper than a flight – Yep we done it! (Plus all the waiting around).

Leaving Bangkok for Koh Tao,

To say the least the overnight train was really cool, we were in sleepers so the chairs turn into beds in the evening but it was so weird sleeping on a train. Luckily we had a group of young people on our carriage who was a part of a Contiki tour so they kept us entertained. I don’t mind this type of travelling, these are the experiences I wanted. You don’t get sleeper trains in London as a second class passenger! See below pictures of our sleeper train (Me preparing my bed and getting excited on the train whilst everyone is sleeping!)

So we finally arrived in Koh Tao after a 30 hour journey, if we flew it would have taken a hour however it was over double the price and as a broke traveller I just wanted the cheaper way to get to places. So off the ferry and to our hostel – Neptune. This is where we met our Kiwi friend – Jean (For days we called her Jane, how embarrassing). We checked into our room – Now when this room excited me a lot. When I walked in I noticed the beds had curtains so no one can watch you sleep. BUT, yes this is a BIG BUT, I got onto the bed and it was rock solid. Honestly thought the next morning when I woke up my back was broken.

So this day we checked out Koh Tao, found where the beach was etc, but as you can imagine Natalia and I were exhausted after such a long journey so we chatted to the hostel lot and chilled.

The following day we checked out Sairee Beach and it was beaut. Koh Tao is very chilled and so many come here to dive as its pretty cheap compared to other places. We had our day at the beach, it was so nice just reading a book and chilling. That evening we checked out a reggae bar called Baby Rasta. I swear since I have arrived in South East Asia I have never listened to so much reggae, you watch I will have dreadlocks next! They placed live music so that was cool – I do love a live band (Well when they are good!)

Reading a book from the free book shelf from the hostel at Sairee Beach.

So we booked a boat tour the following day where I got to see the most amazing view point – Nang Yuan. The pictures do not justify this place at all. It was honestly the most gorgeous viewpoint I have seen – you will note from the pictures you do not see my face. You ask why? Because I was an absolute sweaty mess! Yes I looked like I had run a marathon but worse. To get to the viewpoint was a trek but was it worth it? HELL YES! However the highlight of this day was,.. Swimming with sharks! I said I wanted to do this and I finally saw one. On the boat trip we went to different snorkeling spots where we saw the most stunning marine life. I still can’t believe I managed to see a shark. OK so it wasn’t a great white, it was a black tip which are harmless to humans. Yes I did crap myself and screamed a bit. What makes this even worse is that I was on my own!! No one was there to witness it with me!! The icing on the cake was that I forgot my underwater camera. Yet it was an experience I will never forget.

Nang Yuan Viewpoint.

The evening we checked out a fire show which led to a man spinning fire around my head! My gosh I have never tensed up so much in my life! It scared the hell out of me!

This is what the guy spun around my head! Before he done it!

The next day we explored a hidden treasure – Sia Nuan. I was not disappointed and this has to be one of my favourite beaches. Again it was a trek to get to (Seriously hoping I look like Beyonce when I have finished travelling) but it was so worth it. Plus it had a swing! YESSS!  You know I love a swing on a beach! The evening we chilled on the rooftop whilst watching the sunset – BLISS!

Sia Nuan Beach, A hidden gem in Koh Tao.

I also enjoyed climbing the trees – Felt like a kid again, although I was scared! Whats even worse is that it weren’t even that high!

Feeling like a kid again.


That evening we went back to our favourite spot – Baby Rasta Bar. Try to imagine a massive Tree house – That is exactly what it looks like. We went with all our room mates and met two really cool guys from the Netherlands. The best thing about travelling is meeting people from all over the world. This night we had the following nationalities:
British, American, Spanish, Chilean, German, Dutch and Kiwi. How amazing is that!

Our group at Baby Rasta.

So our time in Koh Tao is now over and what an adventure it has been! This island is small but full of beauty.

Next stop… Koh Samui
See below for tips.
Rae. x

Where to stay: 
Neptune hostel-
Positives: lose to the pier. Bathroom is clean. Privacy – curtains around bed. Free Towel.
Negatives: Beds were so uncomfortable.

What to do:
Explore – Check out the island. There are so many hidden gems including beaches (Sia Nuan)
Boat trip – Diamond boat tours was amazing – Includes buffet, snorkelling and great team. I saw a shark here as well as the beautiful viewpoint.
Baby Rasta – Really cool bar with a live reggae band.
Fire shows – Are on every evening on the beach.
Beach – Sairee Beach, Freedom Beach, Sia Nuan Beach – There are loads!


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