A Short But Sweet Trip To Siem Reap.

“Is of such extraordinary construction that it is not possible to describe it with a pen, particularly since it is like no other building in the world. It has towers and decoration and all the refinements which the human genius can conceive of.” – António da Madalena, A Portuguese Monk describing Angkor Wat.
We were only in Cambodia for 3 nights, and we stayed in Siem Reap. I liked Cambodia however it probably would have been nice to see more, however due to time we couldn’t. More of a reason to come back!
We stayed in a hostel called Tipsy Turtles and I thought it was great, it was quirky and had a great bar including Angkor beer for just 50 cents. We also received a free welcome beer when we arrived so I was so happy! (If you have me on Facebook you will see the check in I done for the free beer).
As stated in my previous blog post, we are now hitting rainy season so the day we landed there was such a bad thunderstorm, I honestly thought our hostel was going to flood! We asked the staff what there was to do and they said in this weather… Nothing! DAMN a day wasted! However I am hooked on a series called Power which I watched whilst I had food poisoning in Phuket so Natalia and I watched that, had dinner at the hostel and went back into bed and watched it again. I miss these days when I am back home doing nothing and watch Netflix, although I didn’t come to Cambodia to do this it was nice to chill for once.
The following day we checked out the area and went into the main part of town, we met a lovely German girl in our hostel who also came with us. Here is where we met Tiger – An important man in our lives. It all started when Tiger called Natalia, Michelle Obama. Have no idea what the relation is but hey we thought it was funny and that is when we realised we needed a tuk tuk driver to see the temples. So boom we hired Tiger for the day!

Tiger and Me with our Tuk Tuk 

When we got back to the hostel I literally was like crap I will have to go home due to funds, I was looking at flights and working out how much longer I could stay – This is when you realise how grateful you are for the people you have in your life. Imagine at 26 my parents were settled, had kids, working. Me at 26…. crying to my mum because I messed up!
When speaking to my mum she said the following:
“Rach as much as I want you home this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to explore the world, if you come home will you definitely go back in 6 months time?”
It’s true. Would I? I don’t know what I will be doing in 6 months time, so I really had to be smart and plan this out. Luckily I am blessed so my parents have lent me money to finish the countries I want to see (I will give it back when I start working again, don’t worry!). It was literally a whirl wind of emotions – I felt guilty, embarrassed and yet I wanted to carrying on living this dream. However, the next few months will be tight but I am happy living of street food – I actually really enjoy it! (NOTE TO SELF: NO MORE BURGERS).


When speaking to my friends Grace and Devena they also said they would help me out as they want me to live my dream – I am seriously one lucky girl. I can not explain how grateful I am.

Angkor Wat 

The following day Tiger came and picked us three up at 9:30 AM, the whole reason I wanted to come to Cambodia was to see Ankgor Wat and I was not disappointed. Firstly I did not realise you had to pay to see the Angkor Wat, I thought you had to pay to go inside. I said to Tiger its okay I will just see Angkor from the distance but he was adamant that I wouldn’t be able to see it from a distance and he was right. It was in a massive national park, where all the temples are. We had to pay around 40 dollars each to see all the temples and I honestly thought it was worth the money, I loved the temples and to go somewhere Tomb Raider was filmed was just the best! This means I have been somewhere Angelina Jolie has been – WINNING! See below for pictures. We asked Tiger to take us somewhere for lunch – Imagine we actually took our tuk tuk driver out for lunch. I would never take my cab driver for lunch, maybe I will think about it next time I get an Uber in London?
Seeing the temples in Cambodia has to be one of my favourite days whilst travelling, and even better I was blessed by a monk!

Where Tomb Raider was filmed.

That evening we had to do some errands in the city, and we went passed Pub Street which was really cool. I didn’t drink but grabbed myself more street food! WOOHOOO! However I ordered noodles and they gave me chopsticks as they did not have forks – Lets say it took me a while to eat the noodles as I had no idea how to use chopsticks! An hour later and I finished my plate of noodles!

Selfie with Angkor Thom.

So our last day, Tiger picked us up in his tuk tuk to take us to the airport. Cambodia was short but sweet and I know has so much more to offer.
Next stop… Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Pangyang.
Check below for tips
Rae. x

Where to stay:
Tipsy Turtle hostel – I loved this place, it was a very chilled hostel but has really good facilities.

What to do:
Temples – This will take a whole day and you will need to hire a tuk tuk. Tiger was great and have him on Facebook if you need his details. You pay $40 to get into the National Park to see the temples.
Pub Street – For nightlife.

Where to eat:
Tipsy Turtle – Has a good menu and pretty reasonable prices.
Street food – I am literally living off street food, $1 for a plate of noodles – You can’t go wrong! These little stools are dotted around everywhere.


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