Finding Temples In Bangkok.

Bangkok is very hit and miss. When I told people I was going, many said its rubbish so I wasn’t expecting much. However I really enjoyed Bangkok and I am sure I am one of the only people who actually like Bangkok. Yes it is crazy but I was expecting the area to be really rough but I preferred Bangkok to Phuket. Bangkok is much cheaper in relation to Phuket and I’ve heard it gets cheaper and cheaper the more north you go.
Natalia and I stayed at a place called Greenhouse – It wasn’t too bad apart from the fact we had to move rooms three times, all because of the air con (One room the air con didn’t work, another one the air con was leaking). The first night we arrived we checked out the area and some stools were selling cockroaches, spiders and scorpions that were ready to eat. As tempting as they looked I had to pass, I did think about it but every time I was looking at them my belly would turn – Maybe another time?
We were in Bangkok for quite a few nights as Natalia had an exam – GOOD LUCK NATALIA! So the second day we checked out the temples. We hired someone to take us around in the tuk tuk for the day, this was only 20 baht each (SO CHEAP!). Our tuk tuk driver was so sweet we even took a selfie with him- Excuse how rough I look!

Tuk Tuk driver
Selfie with the tuk tuk driver.

The temples are absolutely stunning, the colours and decoration are so rich, it almost felt magical. The temple I loved the most was Wat Pho. The Buddha inside was huge – see picture below. We checked out quite a few temples and went to The Palace after. Again The Palace was just stunning, the richness of the colours and gold decor screams beauty. You kinda forget where you are for a minute.

Leaning Buddha – Wat Pho

The following day was Natalia’s exam, imagine sitting an exam in a foreign country- I really do admire her! So she was stressing she had an exam and I was stressing because another phone had broken – RIP Ingrid the IPhone. Can you believe this is the third phone since I left to go travelling… So after the exam I was on a hunt for a cheap phone! The joys! It’s these kinda things you don’t put in your budget for travelling.

Natalia taking a cheeky snap whilst on the boat.

That evening there was a really bad thunderstorm, we are hitting rain season so this was expected to happen soon. It’s not all sunny beach days although they tend to be the pictures I upload on Instragram but some days have been pretty rough! We had a few drinks at our hostel then to bed.
So our full last day in Bangkok was upon us and I did not want to waste it. We checked out more of the area and had some street food with the locals. I am enjoying breaking up this trip so one minute were at a beach place and then onto a city. The best of both worlds!

Inside Wat Pho.

That evening we checked out the crazy Koh San Road and had a cheeky cocktail on our last night, but we had to be up really early the next day for our flight.

Drinks at our hostel.

Well our cab driver the next day was an absolute nutter, he even sang to us. I’m not even joking you, he closed his eyes whilst he was driving when he sang to us! Unfortunately we didn’t have a selfie with him.
So Bangkok was short but sweet but definitely worth a place to check out, the temples are amazing!
Next stop… Cambodia.
See below for tips.
Rae. x

Where to stay:
Greenhouse Hostel – The facilities were clean and it was close by to places however we had to change rooms 3 times which kinda got frustrating.

Where to eat:
Street food – The street food is really nice and you can get Pad Thai for 30 baht (SO CHEAP!).
Greenhouse Hostel – The place we stayed is also a restaurant and the pizzas are a decent size but its a bit more on the pricey side.

What to do:
Temples – Hire a tuk tuk for a few hours (We paid 20 baht each – Again so cheap).
Koh San Road – Drink deals and music.
Eat a insect – They sell them everywhere on the street stools – BE BRAVE!


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