Partying in Phi Phi.

Thailand – Phuket and Koh Phi Phi

As I am in Thailand for quite a while I will divide it destination by destination.
So I was still ill when I came to Thailand but again I thought oh it will go and everything will be fine… Maybe not!
Finally I was reunited with my travel buddy – Natalia. We didn’t reach our accommodation until late that evening, so we went to bed. A fresh start the next morning…

Patong Beach Sign.

The next day we thought we would have a beach day, we were staying in Patong which is a party place. We checked out the area and it literally felt like Aiya Napa (Or Benidorm or Ibiza – You get the gest) but more mental! There is a road called Bangla Road and here is where you have all the bars that have all the deals, lady boy shows, ping pong shows and the rest.. It is mental. Again that evening I literally couldn’t go out, I felt so bad on the others but we went out to eat and said we would go out after… Well eating was not a good idea and I had to run home (I won’t tell you more info) but I was dying.

Our ride in Pataong (Tuk tuk).

The following day I was adamant I did not want to waste my time in Phuket so we went to Phuket Zoo (I was not keen, the animals were treated bad and it was run down). That evening we watched the sunset at Patong beach and again in the evening we planned to go out… out – well after the sunset I just couldn’t do it and was advised to see someone about this.

At Phuket Zoo. You can see how sad the elephant looks, I wanted to take her home!

However watching the sunset on the beach was beautiful and Natalia decided to go in the sea, so I was chilling on the beach when a little Thai guy came over to me. Well as much as I was flattered all I wanted to do was run away, finally Natalia returned from the sea (YESSS) and he still didn’t leave, offering to take us back on his motorbike. We politely declined as we said Natalia had a bright yellow tuk tuk (Taxi) and we will be using that instead – Natalia does not own a bright yellow taxi. So I didn’t marry the Thai guy…

Having a Chang whilst watching the sunset.

So this illness was not going so I went to the chemist and the pharmacist said I should have gone when it had started as me being me left it a few days . She was not happy with me and said this is now a bacteria infection and if it doesn’t clear in 3 days once I have taken the medication I need to go to the hospital. Not realising it was that bad I decided that night I should rest and stop pushing myself. I felt so bad on the others but I didn’t want to get any worse. I was advised I wasn’t allowed alcohol, diary, spicy food and fruit – How am I going to survive! My diet consisted of dry toast/ cereal and watery soup – How pleasant!
So unfortunately I did not see much of Phuket as I was ill and didn’t get to see a ping pong show, however we returned after Phi Phi for one night.

So next stop Koh Phi Phi, we caught a ferry over which took around 2 hours. I thought it was a joke when Natalia said it took that long, however the spare time gave me time to write my blog and reflect on the good times I have had so far! It really has been an experience and made me appreciate home so much more. Right now I’m living like a homeless person, out of a bag, going from one place to another, barely any money but it’s such an experience. I’m so lucky when I go home I have a roof over my head, a loving family and brilliant friends – It’s all the little things you appreciate.

First night out in Phi Phi.

So we arrived in Koh Phi Phi and this has to be my favourite place so far (I think I say this about everywhere). To be honest Phi Phi is a party island and I was warned I wouldn’t get much sleep and that was true. I’m sure when I get back to England I will sleep for decades!

Hostel Roomies. Natalia, Eleanor, Me, Benny.

Our first day we checked out the area and made friends with the best girls ever in our dorm. Our little hostel crew, so we decided to go out. We checked out the bars in Phi Phi and then went to party on the beach, this I have never done and it was the most funniest thing and surreal at the same time. This happened every night – everyone would go to the bars and then end up partying on the beach until the early hours in the morning which then led to grabbing a slice of pizza on the way home! So yeah this kinda happened every night we was there, we would either chill on the beach or by the pool during the day, Phi Phi is most definitely for partying,

IMG_1339 (2)
Our hostel crew.

One evening, which was probably one of my favourite nights was when there was a thunderstorm whilst everyone was partying on the beach, when everyone else decided to run under the shelter, Natalia and I carried on partying in the rain. Went back to our hostel soaking wet, got dressed and went back out.

The night we got soaked!

Whilst travelling I didn’t think I would be working, Natalia and I both thought we worked for the ambulance and was helping drunk people back to their hostel, One night we put a guy on something which I can only describe as a massive wheelbarrow back to his hostel, another night we had a spare bed in our dorm and put someone in it. It was funny the next morning when we heard a voice say:
“Where the F*** am I?”
Only for us to explain we helped you as you was passed out drunk on the street, Well the look of embarrassment was hilarious and we laughed about it.

Koh Phi Phi Beach

I also nearly broke my leg trying to slide across our hostel floor. Do you remember as a kid sliding across the floor on your knees? Well I attempted to do that and ended up falling over! FUN TIMES!

Having fun at Maya Bay

However one day we went to Maya Bay (This is where The Beach is filmed). I was seriously mesmerized, it was beautiful, We took a long boat from Phi Phi, and explored different places including Monkey Beach (Cute but scary), we snorkelled and saw some beautiful marine life but the highlight was definitely Maya Bay. It was paradise and the water was so warm! On the boat we also had a free lunch – Fried rice! MMMMM *dribble as I type.*

Because laying next to a monkey is fun?

Again in the evening we went to the beach and checked out the fire show and had some beers. Every night is a party night in Phi Phi.

Chilling with my mate at monkey beach.

The day we left the weather was bad – good for us! However the ferry back to Phuket was horrendous, there was people being sick and the boat was tipping side to side – It was pretty scary.

When you think making a human pyramid would be fun!

This was our last night in Phuket and I had wasted it the previous times as I had food poisoning so we decided to go out. So this is the night I witnessed something I did not want to exactly witness – PING PONG SHOW! The show was mental and I think I was gagging through most of it due to the things I saw (Including a bird and a frog… I will leave you to imagine). This was also Jas’s last night with us so after this we decided to check out Bangler Road, we ended up getting a good deal and having a laugh!

Next stop Bangkok.
See below for tips.

Where to stay:
Phuket – Patong Studio apartments (It was pretty basic but cheap)
Koh Phi Phi – Ibiza House Hostel (We met the best people here and it was so funny, this place holds a pool party every other day as well as being on the beach – BONUS).

What to do:
Patong – Patong Beach (Go at sunset with a Chang beer). Big Buddha (We didn’t do this however heard it was amazing). Phuket Zoo (I personally wouldn’t recommend this, I felt so sorry for the animals and it was quite run down). Bangla Road (Party road – ping pong show, bars, clubs, places to eat).
Koh Phi Phi – Fire shows in the evening, partying on the beach, Catching a long boat to Maya Bay, Taking a walk up to the viewpoint.

Where to eat:
Patong – Thai Smile 2 – Traditional Thai for cheap and really tasty!
Koh Phi Phi – There are loads of little food places where you can eat. The island is really small but has so much to offer.


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