When You Nearly Miss Your Flight To Malaysia…

Well… If anyone is going to Gilli T just a reminder that it takes a long time to get to Lombock airport. We left at 8:30AM, caught a boat (which had a goat on it) to Lombock, had the craziest taxi driver, however before getting into the taxi a guy took my bag off the boat (the boat with the random goat) and followed me asking for money, then we nearly missed our flight. As we were checking in people were boarding the plane so we had to run to the gate, Jas realised that she left her passport where we checked in so she had to run back… This journey was never going to be a smooth one but nevertheless we made it. Oh and to top it off, we used our money for the boat etc so had no more cash on us, to find out our airline (Air Asia) do not take card… So we’re still buzzing from the adrenaline of nearly missing our flight, thirsty and bloody starving and there is nothing we can do about it, LIFE!

Goat on a Boat in Bali

This is only a quick stop to Mayalsia, I always wanted to see the Patronas Towers and Batu Caves, so we’re staying here for 2 nights.  Our first night we checked out the city and checked into our guesthouse – Natalia Guesthouse. I’m used to this hostel life so knew how pants the beds and toilets can be, I think Dee and Jas were quite shocked and didn’t quite realise what it was like… This worked in my favour as they booked a beautiful hotel! I literally cried, I have never been so happy in my life. For lunch we went to nandos – Imagine going to Malaysia and having Nandos but what the hell we had it anyway. Soon after my stomach started growling and I didn’t feel to good – Boom! I got food poisoning… I never felt so ill before in my life but I wanted to see Malaysia so decided to be a soldier and powered through it. I was the only one who got ill, the other girls were fine!

The following day we went to the Batu Caves, they were amazing and I was so mezmerized by the big gold statue infront of the caves. There was wild monkeys running around everywhere, however we did have to climb 272 steps to get to the caves, however this day I weren’t feeling too good and was sweating loads when I got to the top. When I walked back down to the beginning A MONKEY THREW A COCONUT AT ME! Yes he actually did – well the shell of one. You know what makes it more funny is that I was taking the piss out of the monkey saying:
“Ha look how that monkey is eating the coconut.”
Then boom… The monkey threw it at me!


Batu Caves.


That evening we checked out the Patronas Towers, and they were stunning. I have never seen anything like it, as much as I wanted to go out that night I couldn’t. I felt so ill I just wanted to sleep.


Patronas Towers.


Our flight wasn’t until the evening so we checked out Chinatown where all the markets were – You can get some pretty cheap stuff from here!
We caught our flight to Thailand – This time making sure we got to the airport nice and early!  Imagine getting on a plane with food poisoning – it wasn’t the most pleasant journey but I made it to Thailand without any accidents – Thank God!

So Malaysia was short but sweet, I loved this place and wish I did spend a bit more time there, a lot of people say Malaysia doesn’t have a lot to offer but there is so much to do there.
Next stop… Thailand (Phuket).

Check below for tips for Malaysia
Rae. x

Where to stay:
Budget – Nathalie Guesthouse (Near Chinatown) only worked out to be £4 per night. This felt really homely however we didn’t end up staying. The staff were so friendly and was full of other travellers which was pretty cool! Only thing was you had no bed cover and the beds were pretty thin but for the price you couldn’t complain. They had everything you needed – bed, kitchen and bathroom.
Pricey: WP Hotel (City) was stunning, so clean and the staff were so friendly. It had a pool on the top of the hotel and the beds were comfy however you pay more – I think it worked out around £100 per night.

What to do:
Patronas Towers (Get there before 9 so you can go on the viewing bridge, however there is a fee). Batu Caves (Free). Chinatown (Cheap markets with loads of knock offs, street food).

Download GRAB or UBER – Its cheaper than a taxi!
Bargin down at least 50% at the markets.


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