Townsville. Magnetic Island.

Every city I go to I keep saying:
“Yep that was my favourite place.”
But I LOVED Magnetic Island, its only a small place but I had the most fun there and met the most amazing people whilst staying there, as well as chilling with people Natalia and I have met along the way.

Me and my spirit animal.

We arrived at Townsville and then caught the ferry over to Magnetic Island, which took around 20 mins. When we arrived at Magnetic we caught the bus to our hostel (We stayed at Base – This was such a great hostel and right on the sea). The bus took only 10-15 mins to the hostel. Upon arrival we were given a free welcome drink voucher (BONUS) as well as a free dinner and breakfast voucher (As a foodie this is a major bonus). I thought the free dinner would be rubbish but it was amazing and such a big portion. That night was the quiz night, we didn’t win but it was funny! Our team was called fanny flaps – no idea why so please don’t ask it was the first thing that come to someones mind!
The next day I really wanted to hire a barbie car (see below). This was my aim when I came to Australia. We got our barbie car however it was green and I really wanted a pink one but it was still so fun. Anyone planning on going Magnetic I would highly recommend getting a car (Barbie or 4×4), you get to see so much more with a car and works out cheap. We got our car from Topless cars for a decent price.

Topless Car.

So with the car we ventured out! We went to the koala sanctuary where I was able to hold a koala as well as other animals such as a baby crocodile, lizards and the worst one – A SNAKE! I absolutely hate snakes, they are my biggest fear and it took me ages to hold it and I thought I was going to cry. After this we went to feed wild wallabies which was really cool! After we hung out with some locals, we found a really cool pier and at the end there were some locals fishing so we chilled with them for a bit. Later that day we checked out the sunset with a group of girls, chilling on the beach watching the sunset has got to be one of the best feelings.

Topless Car.

That evening the hostel done a special event – Ladies night. If guys dressed up as a girl they also got the cheap drink deals. Natalia and I dressed up a guy in our room which was fun and then a Canadian guy who worked at Base, I was dying to dress him up so I did. I have never laughed so much in my life – I honestly think they enjoyed the dressing up a bit too much! Base put nights on every night so you definitely keep entertained. That evening a group of us went to the beach and I honestly love looking up at the stars when I’m at the beach! Us lot had such a fun night and ended up waking up our hostel roomies as we ended up being really loud when we got back, we were all singing! When your drunk you never think how loud you actually are!

Ladies night.

The following day we had to drop our beloved car back to the car rental place and we caught the ferry straight back to Townsville where we checked into Reef Lodge. This is not a party hostel but it has such a cool and quirky vibe so this night Natalia and I chilled and watched a film in the film room. Townsville was pretty quiet but we definitely needed a night to just chill and not party!

Sunset at Magnetic Island.

Next stop Cairns.. Our final stop on the East Coast 😦
See below for tips!

Where to stay: Base –  Magnetic Island (If you want to party, they also have snorkeling equipment however we run out of time).
Reef Lodge – Townsville (A really chilled, laid back vibe – Not for partying but such a clean hostel with fantastic facilities).
Car hire: Topless Cars (We paid around $100 dollars for 24 hours, but you can hire a car for half a day, You have to be 19 years old to hire from this company but the staff are great).
What to do: Koala Sanctuary (You pay extra to hold a Koala but you can still touch them without paying the extra price), feed the wild wallabies, beaches (To snorkle or chill), Horse riding on the beach (At Horseshoe bay), watching the sunset at the beach.
Note: Magnetic Island is really small, I would advise staying for 2 – 3 nights. We stayed in Townsville for one night which was enough to check out the city and recover.



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