Visiting The Largest Sand Island In The World.

Rainbow beach/ Fraser Island

Natalia and I had a conversation about having a wow moment, she said you will know when you have a wow moment and on this trip I finally had the wow moment whilst on Fraser Island! Yessss! We will come back to this later.
Whilst in Rainbow beach we done a lot of moving – We stayed at Pippis on the Beach the first night which was a really cool place to stay. Rainbow beach is very chilled and not very lively so that evening we checked out the area and then chilled with our hostel friends for a bit – one girl was from the same area as myself which was crazy!
The following day we checked out pretty early and moved to Fraser on the Beach which again was a really cool place and this night Natalia and I had our own room – This was luxury as we had been sharing with others since we started this journey. It was raining pretty bad so we watched a film and chilled. It was actually nice to just chill as it has been non stop since we have been here so I think we both needed a night to chill, but because we are little chatterboxes we still went to bed really late knowing we had to get up early to go FRASER ISLAND!!!! (OK so I was really excited typing that hence the capital letters).
Today was the day I have been waiting for! We had to be at the petrol garage for 9AM but we got there around 8AM as we wanted to grab some breakfast and stuff before we headed off.

The bus pulled up and it almost looked like something you would see in Jurassic Park (See picture below, you will understand). Our tour guide Edward (Company – Fraser Discovery) was just amazing and so funny. He was the friendliest guy and made the trip so fun and exciting as well as teaching us so much. I always wonder how they remember all that information, I can barely remember my birthday! We caught the ferry over to Fraser Island and we had spoken to a few people on the bus before boarding. Natalia and I were at the front of the bus – The best seats!! We got to see everything which made this trip even more amazing. The first stop was the coloured rocks, the rocks were made of all different colours which was pretty cool. Next stop was the shipwreck, this fascinated me so much. Lastly we checked out Eli Creek – The water was crystal clear I couldn’t believe it. We had a little paddle. There were other groups of backpackers here and one group was playing hand ball so I just joined in and had the time of my life.

We all caught a bus back to the place we were staying at, Natalia and I was in a cabin which was really cool and it was all to ourselves – I’m sure we’re living the life of luxury at the moment rather than backpackers. This night we had dinner with the rest of the people and after dinner a group of us decided to have a party on the beach – I’m not going to lie I was shitting myself thinking a dingo (Which we saw earlier) would come and eat me, so I was very paranoid. However the highlight of this was the stars, I felt like I was in space when I looked up into the sky. The stars lit up the sky, I have never seen that amount of stars before it was beautiful.


The next day most of us were so tired but this was the day I was looking forward to the most as I had always seen pictures of Lake McKenzie and was dying to be there, Our first stop was Lake McKenzie and there it was – my wow moment. It was breath taking, the water was so clear and warm, the sands were white and the scenery was amazing. Us girls had such a great time and all the girls we met on the tour were so lovely, We had such a great group of people which made this trip great. We only had around 20 minutes of sun – perfect for a Instagram photo shoot but after that it rained really bad, but we all carried on swimming and it was actually really funny. All the girls stayed in the water whilst the guys were worried about getting their hair wet so run out! I thought it was pretty fun swimming in a lake whilst it was pouring with rain, although I did look like a drained rat.


I have always though underwater pictures looked really cool. NOTE TO SELF – Rachel you look like a frog when trying to do a under water picture. I don’t know how people look so good under water – I have never looked so unattractive in my life. It was shocking! Luckily they are on Natalia’s Go Pro, so don’t have access to them right now.

After this we went to the rain forest, it was so beautiful but again we were warned there could be snakes – Great! I still went anyway and it was a really cool way to end our trip.


So I can officially tick off going to the biggest sand island in the world!

That evening I really wanted to watch the sunset at rainbow beach, everyone says how amazing it is, Natalia had already seen this so I decided to go with some people from the hostel. So we went to a sand dune, done some sand boarding which resulted in me doing a type of somersault and a group of us watched the sunset and it was amazing. It can be hard being on your own sometimes or with strangers as you want a “instagramable” picture (I don’t even know if that’s a word!) and so I had to ask one of the hostel lot to take a picture. In the end I was a photographer taking pictures of them so it weren’t that bad and seemed to have done them a favour as well.


It honestly felt like we was a rainbow for ages but on our last day Natalia and I had never been in a helicopter. So we decided to book a flight around rainbow beach, it was so exciting. I have never been in one, and what made it more scary is the fact there was no doors! We had the best time and again the staff were amazing. Thank you Rainbow Beach Helicopters for making this a great experience for us (I would advise people to do this – The views were amazing)!

Next stop Airlie….

Rae x


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