Hello Whitsundays.

So 18 hours later and were finally at Airlie – These long bus journeys are a killer but worth it! Taking the overnight coach isn’t that bad, especially when you have two seats to yourself. I have enjoyed taking the Greyhound as you also meet a lot of people.
Airlie reminded me of Aiya Napa when I was 18, it was literally a strip and the bars do really good deals including free champagne for women on a Tuesday – That ended up being a messy night!
We stayed in Airlie for two nights. The day we arrived I was exhausted (I always seem to be tired, I didn’t realise how tiring travelling was). We couldn’t check in until 2 PM (We stayed at Base) and we had arrived at 9:45 AM so we had a few hours to wait around. We checked out the strip and just chilled by the hostel pool for a few hours which was really cool. Once we checked in, I literally conked out for a few hours. Natalia and I were supposed to have a digageroo leason but ended up sleeping through! When we woke up, we got ready and went for dinner, but I think I overslept because I was a zombie, plus we had our Whitsunday tour the next day and didn’t fancy snorkling hungover!
So the following day I woke up fresh (that’s a lie) and ready for the Whitsundays. I’m surprised I didn’t wake anyone up in the morning as I was so excited to finally see the Whitsundays and kept singing.

We went with a company called Thundercat – A one day tour and it was amazing. Prior to booking the Whitsundays everyone stated it wasn’t as good as it could have been due to Cyclone Debbie which had caused a lot of damage. Honestly, I still thought it was beautiful and worth seeing!

Whitehaven Beach,

We first went to Whitehaven beach and it was just mesmerizing, the views were amazing and Natalia and I saw sharks in the water (They are harmless). They swam straight passed our feet which was crazy. After that we went snorkeling which was really cool yet scary as hell. This was the first time I had been snorkeling and I was absolutely crapping myself – yet I had to put a brave face on! The boat company threw fish food into the water and I honestly thought I was getting eaten alive by these fish I was so scared! They literally slapped me in the face – I can officially say I have been slapped in the face by a wet fish! After this we went to another place to snorkel to see some coral reef, however there was quite a lot of damage from the cyclone so the water was quite cloudy but it was still beautiful from what I saw.


The company dropped us back to our hostel (This company was amazing and the guys were so fun to be around), and we had a spare 10 minutes to go to the FREE didgeridoo  lesson. We turned up and the shop owner said the person who does this, was not around that day so a woman taught us for 5 minutes instead which was cool. I didn’t realise how hard it was to play this. although by the end I was a pro- That’s a lie!

That evening Natalia and I fancied going out (This was ladies night which mean’t free champagne – An opportunity that could not be missed). Whilst we were getting ready our roomies friends came in and had a chat with him which led to us all going out that evening. We had the funniest night, which resulted in me having to steal a guys hat. I got the hat but I didn’t steal it I asked for it and said he can have a sip of my beer – The cheeky bugger drank half of it!

Borrowing the mans hat!

Again we bumped into people we had already met along the way whilst travelling the East Coast which was really cool.
The next day, a group of us were getting the Greyhound up to Townsville, Magnetic Island. Lets just say we were not in the best state!

The Whitsundays were just beautiful and although there has been a lot of damage I would advise anyone to still check out this place!
Next stop… Townsville/ Magnetic Island!
Rae. x



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