Gagaju Bush Camp – Noosa.

Well… What can I say about Gagaju bush camp apart from it was such an experience?! I’ve always watched I’m A Celebrity and thought:
“I wonder if I could ever do that.”
We didn’t have to do the bush tucker trails but we did do 10km kayaking trip which was worse (Maybe not) and we did have kangaroo balls – meatballs. Tasted a bit like beef!

So when we first got to the bush camp, Natalia and I were literally like:
“What the hell is this place?”
When you drive in there is a camping ground where people live and we thought that’s where we were staying, but it wasn’t. We got to the camp and I was like wow we really are in a bush camp, but we both agreed to embrace this and be open minded about the situation.

Our dorm for two nights – A military tent!

Alan – The coolest guy ever who part owns Gagaju, showed us around the camping ground and when he said he caught a snake 2 days prior to our arrival I absolutely shit myself, especially when he showed Natalia and I where we were staying and how easy a snake could get into our dorm. The dorm (Military tent) we stayed in didn’t close which we were concerned about but hey we are here to tell the tales and we didn’t get eaten alive by an anaconda! However we were eaten alive by mosquito’s – Natalia had over 100 bites on her. Honestly there was mosquitos everywhere, even when your having a shower they were attacking, even when you were on the toilet. We even had bites on our bums! What scared me even more was the fact that there was POISONOUS toads at night near the girls toilet. I am not gonna lie I didn’t dare to go to the toilet on my own as I was that worried about my own safety.

Drunk at Gagaju

Neighboursssssss, everybody needs good neighboursssss… Luckily we had some great neighbours in the military tent next to us – Jim and Jim and yes I did sing that to them. Jim 1 made a good point and mentioned about people not being sociable and when he said hello and someone didn’t respond he called them a c**t. Well I was in shock but it was pretty funny and I was like I can’t believe you said that word ha ha – seems to be a popular word out here.
That evening we all chilled around the fire with our drinks, it was pretty cool and even better that we bumped into people we met along the way – especially our new bestie Matt. I can’t believe the amount of people you bump into whilst travelling. The first night we all went to bed so late knowing that we had to be up and ready at 7:30 for kayaking the next day. Well what else do you do when you’re in a bush camp with nothing around for miles – play drinking games which actually resulted in one of the Jim’s getting naked. Well I have never laughed so much in my life and we were like like woooaahh – what are you doing man? (thinking he wouldn’t do it).

Kayaking at Gagaju

So it was time for bed and I did not sleep at all as I was so scared a snake would come into the room and eat me, so I was so tired the next day when we had to kayak 10 KM!!!! So everyone was awake at 6:45, we ate breakfast (We bought Coles homemade coco pops which were hard like stones) and then off we went. Imagine kayaking the largest lake in Noosa, really tired and slightly hungover. Yeah it was pretty crazy.

Natalia, Matt and I were a team and I thought we were a party kayak, blaring music, dancing which nearly tipped the kayak and then we thought we would be hilarious going under some trees, however we got stuck! Yep we got stuck under a tree in a Kayak – LEGENDS!

Jumping into the eggy water

When we got to our first destination there was a swing rope and we all jumped into the water and boom the lake smelt like rotten eggs! Yep we smelt like rotten eggs as we had to kayak back to camp. This swing rope ended up becoming a competition in the end for the best jump and no one cared about the egg smell in the end which was pretty funny.


That evening, Alan (who knows Tina Tuner) cooked us a really good meal – steak, potatoes, devil eggs and veg. It was so nice and I was in heaven. That night I was so tired from the kayaking, a group of us watched a film and went to bed. There was some newbies that arrived that day who had done the exact same thing we had done the night before – got drunk and went to bed really late. In my head I thought:
“You’re gonna regret that in the morning.”
The new people were great though and again planning to meet them along the way whilst travelling.

Our little camp crew

So Noosa was coming to a end and on our last day we ate more hard coco pops and caught the bus back to town to start our new adventure. There were a lot of mixed reviews about this place but it was definitely an experience and I am glad I can say I stayed in a bush camp but two nights was definitely enough!
Next stop… Rainbow beach/ Fraser Island.

Rae. x


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