A Quick Visit To Brisbane.

I didn’t think I could write much for a place I went to for one night but this has got to be one of my favourite places I have been to. Not only did we love Brisbane but we met some amazing people!
On the way to Brisbane we met our first friend – Lenny! He was sitting next to me on the Greyhound and he was actually staying at the same hostel as me Natalia and I. How did we start this friendship – He sneezed and I said bless you. That’s when we all became the best of friends and later on roomies!
As soon as we got off the bus we all took our bags to the hostel, we stayed at Base and it was such a great hostel (So far I have been really lucky with hostels). The receptionist was hilarious and we knew we was going to have a fun time being there.
The BIG Brisbane sign
There was a few things Natalia and I wanted to see in Brisbane – The big BRISBANE sign and the lagoon! It was Easter Sunday and there was a really cool Easter market on which was cool and a random man doing magic tricks asked me to marry him… Its OK mum and dad I declined! I’m not coming back married so don’t worry.
So Natalia, Lenny and I checked out these places. It seemed pretty weird that a random beach was placed in the middle of the city, but we still embraced this random little spot with a ice cream (Note to self – Magnum Cookies and Cream ice cream is the bomb!).
We also checked out the Brisbane sign, and we unfortunately couldn’t climb it because I’m too weak and can’t carry my own weight – ha! I always get selfish when I go to these kind of things – It was super busy and loads of people obviously wanted a picture with the BIG Brisbane sign and I just wanted everyone to move but I’m not rude so as you can see below we had a picture with the sign which involved loads of people and I will give you money if you can actually see where I am…
Base Roomies.
After checking the sign and the lagoon we went back to the hostel – As always hostels tend to put nights on which could range from a quiz night to a bar crawl. Well tonight was “water pong”. We honestly thought this was a joke – water pong and not beer poing? It wasn’t a joke; it was water pong. However the prize was a $100 bar tab so we thought why not lets play. At this point another girl came into our hostel room – Diandra (The girl with the beautiful tan that we were all envious of). So I am totally pants at beer pong or in this case water pong so Natalia was like if we have a chance of winning I can not be your partner – I don’t blame her. I teamed up with Diandra and we were knocked out in the first round – ha! Natalia and Lenny won and I don’t think we have ever been so happy since we have started our travels – A 100 dollar bar tab – WINNING! As we were leaving the next day we all shared jugs of cider, beer and a huge plastic bottle of lemonade which was so facinating we had to keep it. To top it off we bought some dirty fries and gosh they were dirty – Cheese, beef brisket, mustard and bacon on top of fries! This is a dream for a backpacker on a budget! I know if Natalia and I were back home we would eat a whole tray to ourselves, maybe it’s lucky we’re not home!
“Water pong” champions.
After this we were so merry and happy over the winnings we decided to go out – On the way we decided to use cones as hats, jump on some Kangaroo statues for some pictures and dance to classical music that was playing through some speakers on the streets. We ended up in a bar called Down Under – Full of backpackers! This was a cool place with a range of music – when we walked in there was a competition going on which involved girls VS guys trying to do a sexy dance – It was pretty funny to watch as a lot of them looked like they were doing a standing up worm. One girl decided to take her top off thinking she would win – however the crowd booed her… Awkward!
We partied until 3AM even though Natalia and I had to be up at 6:30AM the next day to catch the bus to Noosa! Well the next day I was tired as hell but it was so worth it.
Whilst in Brisbane I also bumped into people who I had met in places previously such a Izi from Melbourne – I went to Melbourne around 7 months ago so it was crazy to see her! Natalia and I have only done a few places so far and the amount of people we keep bumping into is insane but I love it!
The hardest part is leaving people you have met along the way yet the amount of “OMG I can’t believe you’re here” followed by a big hug is the best feeling!
I learn’t a lesson coming to Brisbane – STOP LISTENING TO OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS! I spoke to a lot of people about my travels and about Brisbane and most people said there is nothing to do there and it’s boring… blah blah blah! Typical Rachel I listened and decided to only stay here for the one night when infact I could have stayed a bit longer, maybe two nights!
Next stop… Noosa!
Rae. x

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