Surfing at Surfers Paradise.

So next stop is Surfers Paradise and of course I needed to learn how to surf!

Day 1:
Again when I arrive in a city I love to check it out beforehand to get my bearings so we did – I have never been Miami but this is how I picture it with all the tall buildings along the beach. It was just beautiful. Today, me and Natalia sorted out our plans for the next 3 weeks in the East Coast so we booked our activities including the Whitsundays and Fraser Island and most importantly Great Barrier Reef (I’M SUPER EXCITED!)

That evening we decided to have drinks in the hostel – Even better the hostel had a deal, $5 all you can eat Tacos and Sangria – Heaven! We are staying at Sleeping Inn – Its great here, the staff are great! Everyone from the hostel went to a place called Melbas – Free entry and one free drink. When your travelling these little deals are the best.


Day 2:
So we are at Surfers Paradise so obviously I needed to surf – I was so shit! I couldn’t stand up and didn’t realise how hard surfing was. I looked like such a beach whale but I had so much fun! I was laughing the whole time and I really need more practice that’s for sure!

We went with a company called Cheyne Horan School of Surf and if anyone is planning on going to Surfers Paradise, I would highly recommend this place. The prices are really good as well which is a bonus but it was the instructors who were amazing. To be honest they had a lot of patience with me (Who was clearly hungover and not paying one bit of attention). They knew how to have a laugh and were so helpful. Thank you so much Cheyne Horan School of Surf! You lot were the best!

That evening we chilled with our hostel family and made them sing Happy Birthday to my sister (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH). I literally stopped them playing in the pool to sing to my sister. That evening the hostel has another deal – a $5 BBQ. I thought I was in heaven! No one went out this night so we all played some random drinking games which was fun – I will definitely be taking these games with me back to England!

Day 3:
When it comes to travelling there are times where you’re like what am I gonna do today – You explore the city and done the activities you want to do. So me and Natalia decided to have some fun in the waves. I have never laughed so much in my life. It was so funny and we literally spent hours in the sea – which I don’t tend to do as I get scared a shark will eat me! Some people in the hostel also came and met us which was really cool as well!

When we got sucked in by a wave!

Being a traveller means one thing – BUDGET! The hostels around the Surfers Paradise area arrange a bar crawl which is $30 – This entitles you to free entry in 4 clubs and cheap drinks. I personally want to spend my money on seeing things so wasn’t up for it. Considering I have already gone over my budget a week in, means I need to be smarter. Depending on what hostel your in and the crowd means you can just have fun in the hostel (Which involves a $10 box of goon aka petrol and drinking games).
A few people in the hostel didn;t go on the bar crawl so we decided to have fun in the hostel instead which resulted to everyone in the hostel coming back to our place and having a party – until the person on night duty told us all to shut up.

It was a struggle getting up at 8:00AM the next day for our coach to Brisbane!

So Surfers is now over and this is where Michelle is leaving us 😦 Surfers you was amazing! Next stop Brisbane (Were only here for one night!). Now to find the big Brisbane sign!
Rae. x


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