Here’s to living out of a backpack for the next 3 months.

Byron “Reggaetown” Bay

I can not believe Sydney is now officially over and it was so hard to leave. All the memories that had been created , the friends I had met, how close I had got to family. It was hard saying bye to Sydney as I didn’t know when I would be back, so I didn’t know what was harder – leaving London or leaving Sydney.

I always said I wanted to experience living and working in another country when I am 25 and I did but now the real travelling begins. For the next 3 months I will be travelling 7 different countries, which are:
– East Coast of Autralia
– Bali
– Malaysia
– Thailand
– Cambodia
– Vietnam
– Philippines

First on the list of the East Coast is Byron Bay (3 days), I remember when I left Sydney everyone was like Rach its basically hippie town – The place has such a cool, relaxed vibe, people have dreadlocks and love reggae. It was like a small Jamaica and I love this place.
Here is where I met my cousin (From New Zealand) and close friend (From Spain). I was so emotional when I saw them, a few tears were shed. Us lot had booked this months ago and now it was finally here.

Day 1:
I had just got off a 12 hour coach journey and I was so flipping tired, have you ever been that tired where nothing seems real? Yeah I honestly felt as although I was dreaming. I didn’t realise how small Byron was so we all checked out the city, checked into the hostel (Which is really good – Backpackers Inn On The Beach – I highly recommend). This night we went to a Reggae night at Beach Hotel and it all seemed so surreal. It was hard to take it all in, the fact this journey had really started.

First Day in Byron – Very Tired!

Day 2:
I can proudly say I went to the most Easterly point in Australia, we walked for miles and I felt I lost 20 stone by the end of it (I really haven’t). We went up to the lighthouse that was there and the views were just amazing of the beach, We decided today we would go to the beach and chill – I do get a bit bored of the beach after a hour so I learn’t how to play poker – I still have no clue in the world but was pretty cool. On the way back to the hostel me and Natalia found a cool abandoned train track – This was quite odd but we took some pictures anyway. Hostels tend to put nights on every night and tonight there was half price dinner and a free drink at Funky Monkeys – As a backpacker you love a bargain so we had to go. This place turns into a club after a certain time, playing connect 4 whilst drinking beer was really different.

Yes That’s Me Waving At The Top Of The Lighthouse!
Day 3:
When in Byron you have to go to Nimbin (The Amsterdam of Australia), and I really didn’t know what to think of this place – I almost felt like I was in America in the 1970’s. It was one strip and it was just different. It was very hippie and relaxed. I think I expected something else, maybe I expected it to be like Amsterdam.

We also went to Killen Waterfall which was beautiful – There is always something about waterfalls that I just found peaceful. Our trip also included a BBQ – Obviously its Australia!

(We went with a company called – Happy Coaches – The driver Princess Fiona was amazing).

Chilling with the locals was a laugh as well!

Its crazy to think the next 3 months I will be unemployed living out of a suitcase. I am currently writing this blog on a hammock – This is the life.

Writing This Blog In A Hammock
Next stop… Surfers Paradise.

Rae. x


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