Half Way There…

Time flies when your having fun.
As soon as I wrote my title all I could think of was:
“Woahhhhh we’re halfway there, woahhhh living on a prayer” – Thanks Bon Jovi!

Can’t believe its been 6 months already and how quick it has gone. This feels like a dream rather than reality, I have never been so happy and content with life. I have learnt so much within the last 6 months. For me going to the other side of the world has made me realise what I want in life. Saying it out loud seems so dramatic that I had to travel to the other side of the world to realise what I want… But here I had no one as in, I didn’t have friends who knew me all my life nor family who have watched me grow up. In reality this was a new life I was starting. This was a chance for me to be the real me and not what I thought everyone wanted me to be.

Was I living a lie that whole time? Definitely not. Yet I would watch what I would say, not go crazy on the dance floor because I was so concerned what people would think or sing my heart out. Since I have been in Australia all I seem to do is send my friends voice notes of me singing and laughing about it. Recently a friend back home sent me a message:
“Rach you have changed…”
The words I was dying to hear and that is what I wanted. For me this was not a bad change at all.She said:
“You seem more relaxed and care free.”
I am. Half the time I can’t be bothered to look my best because I just don’t care anymore. In reality the girl that left isn’t going to be the same girl when she returns back home (New Blog Post Title!)

I am so thankful for the direction that the universe has steered me in. Now I understand why I had to do some things, why I met different people along my way, why some things have been a rough ride but that has made me who I am. I have learnt change brings

Where I am writing my blog post.

growth, whether this is big or small. I’m not saying you have to go to the other side of the world to “change” but you can grow in so many aspects, a project or business your working on, a relationship, anything. When you don’t venture out your comfort zone you will always think what if and you can not let fear of failure stop you from pursuing your dreams because lets face it, living in regret is worse than living in fear. It doesn’t matter how old you are if you want to do something- do it! YOU want to go and travel, do it! YOU want to change your career, do it! YOU want to go to University, do it. YOU want to start a family- do it! YOU have goals, chase them! Number one tip do not avoid growth no matter how hard it seems. Australia has been a dream and I am thankful everyday for this life I have been given. In this journey I have started to do what I want to do and stopped pleasing others. I focus on my own happiness, this is MY life and sometimes I will make the wrong choices or the right ones but no matter what these are my decisions. I have stopped wanting to be someone else, unfollowed all these gorgeous models on Instagram because I wanted to become them. Yet I should be focusing on my own health and well being. It become so unnatural how I would aspire to look the way they looked. I would pester my sister and ask her to do my hair how this model had her hair and because it didn’t look the same I would get so angry and upset. By the way this girl had a completely different hair texture so I do not know how I thought I could have the same hair as her ha-ha! Each of us are unique and all have different paths – embrace it!

So What Has Travel And Curls Been Up To?
I am still surprised how quick time has gone, I only have 2 months left in Sydney until I travel the East Coast and then onto South East Asia. As I am going to travel for 3 months I worked out how much money I would need. I wish I was rich but I have to work and travel at the same time so for the next 8 weeks all I am doing is just saving which sucks, but I know it will be worth it in the end. I am dreading leaving the life I have made in Australia, I have honestly met the most beautiful people and have got so close with my family over here, but I am not going to think about that yet… It won’t be a goodbye it will be a see you soon!

In April one of my closest friends will be joining me to travel the East Coast and then South East Asia. We have booked our flights from Cairns to Bali and our hostels on the East Coast. I have been reading so many travel blogs about the East Coast and what to do and I seriously can not wait. I was worried at first as I have been on my own in Australia and really had to throw myself out there, do things by myself. Whilst staying in hostels you just have to make friends and just start a random conversation. However, having a friend join me on this adventure will be amazing as when we go home we will be able to talk about all the things we done together. Thank god my friend has a GoPro so I will be able to make videos!

So here is what I have been up to the last month:

Best Things In Life Are Free!
So as I am trying to save money I have been doing cheap things, and my friends here are so understanding. I am lucky that my aunt has a pool so when its hot I can chill there. Me and my friends have also been having little dinner parties which has been so cute. Its like Come Dine With Me but with friends and no camera or ratings – so really its not like Come Dine With Me at all really – ha!

My friends are also trying to save money to travel so we have been trying to find random things to do. We went to a pub quiz in Newtown (The Shoreditch of Sydney). Well I have

Jo’s Rooftop Pool.

never been to a quiz where the question reader tells you the answers. She was hilarious though, she would come to our table, and nudge us and show us the answer. Very odd but would go again! It did make me realise how rubbish I am at trivia.

Another day we went to my friend Jo’s rooftop pool and that was just amazing. The view of the city was just stunning, prior to that we sat in Hyde Park (Can’t believe there is a Hyde Park in Sydney) and had a few drinks and chilled in the sun. I love my group of friends, they are the most funniest people!

OK Ladies Lets Get In Formation.
As I said in my previous blog I started Dancehall dance classes which I adore and it is the only thing I have really stuck at- I get bored really easily but I have found a new hobby

Beyonce Workshop. Dance Central Sydney.

which I love. I recently went to a Beyonce Formation dance workshop where I could be Beyonce for the day, or as I like to call myself – Fatyonce. The dance teacher was amazing and he could wear heels better than me! It was so worth it and just so fun! When I go to these classes I don’t even feel like I am excising it just feels like I am partying for a few hours.

This Beyonce workshop was for a hour and a half and as you can see from the picture by the end of it I was dying. I felt like I lost a stone, no wonder Beyonce has the figure she has if she has to practice hours on end! This class was so BOOTYLICIOUS!!

Dance classes really have given me a boost of confidence, it has helped me loose weight and I just feel so happy when I am doing these classes. Thank you Terence for this amazing workshop. I am still doing my Dancehall classes and my teacher Crystal is honestly the best! She makes it so fun and she gives me so much life, she is so uplifting.

Australia Day
I was lucky enough to be in Australia for Australia Day. Me and some friends decided to do the Aussie thing and have a BBQ on my friends rooftop. Prior to this it was one of the girls birthday, so me and another girl went to her house early in the morning with a cake, flowers and breakfast. She was so surprised and the look on her face was priceless. I have

Jess’s Surprise Birthday Breakfast.

never done anything like that for a friend before, I will definitely be making more a effort when I go home with my close friends. Jess is such a beautiful person and deserved a good birthday. How lucky is she to have her birthday on Australia day. When your so far from home the friends you make become family. This was her first birthday in Australia so we wanted to make it as special as possible. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!

So back to Australia Day, a day for everyone to get drunk. So as I said earlier we decided to have a BBQ on my friends rooftop and that was great. Again all we done was laugh and joke and we just had such a great time. We then went to a pool party, I weren’t really feeling this party as I thought it was a pool party so went really casual, barely any make up but it was like a pool party you see in the American films. All the girls were glamorous and in my head I was thinking:
“I’ve F’d up here.”

I stayed here for a few hours but the highlight of the pool party was a friend Andy jumping

Australia Day 2017.

into the pool onto an inflatable which he bounced off which led to the inflatable breaking.

YES- He ripped of the gold flamingos head.

The girl who owned the inflatable was not to pleased and went round saying it cost her $95 dollars – gutted! Overall it was a great day and spent it with the best people. I finished this day with a glass of Champagne with my aunt and cousin.

It is about the company you are with, and I spent it with the friends I have met along the way who are friends for life. No matter what, when I go back to England these friends will always have a special place in my heart. Everyone has different travel experiences and a friend back home told me I would meet some of my closest friends in a hostel as a hostel can bring you a lot and it really did. The friends I have made, most of them I met in the hostels. I am lucky I have formed such a great group of friends.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls
Since I have been in Australia all I wanted to do is chill by a waterfall in my bikini and finally my dream came true. My cousin invited me to her friends birthday. We all went to

Kelly’s Falls.

Kelly’s Falls which was amazing and one of the best days. I finally got to go to a waterfall and I felt so happy. To get to the waterfall was another story, we had to climb down a mountain and that was pretty scary. Was it worth it? HELL YES! The waterfall itself was just amazing and it made me so excited to see the waterfalls when I travel South East Asia.

I don’t know why but I always feel there is something magical about waterfalls. They are so calming and beautiful. When you come from a concrete jungle like myself, you admire all these beautiful things so much more. It amazes me how stunning nature is and that I have been lucky enough to witness some amazing scenery from waterfalls to hidden beaches.

I can not explain how much I adore my family in Australia, they honestly treat me like

Me and Auntie Terri.

royalty and my aunt wants to spoil me all the time as she knows I do not have long left! We recently went to see La-La Land, I heard a lot of mixed reviews so was quite concerned. We went gold class which meant we had these big comfy chairs, champagne and sliders. It was great and I really enjoyed the film, it was a cross between a really old Hollywood film but set in the modern day. It also made me want to go to a Jazz bar which is on my list when I go back to London.
I would love to listen to a live Jazz band, that would be awesome!

My aunt is like one of my mates, more recently we were at home on a Saturday night, it was nice outside so we sat at the front for a bit drinking Prosecco (My fav). We decided to blare some 80’s music  and dance around the house, it was the funniest night ever. Who said you cant have a party just with two people.

That night I went to bed and boom I was sick on myself.. YES actual vomit. I felt the room spinning and I didn’t get to the bathroom on time so what do I do, throw up in my top. I am so classy. Then I run to the bathroom and boom throw up on the landing and then in the toilet. I then went into the shower room took of my clothes and walked around naked… whilst cleaning up my mess then went back into bed. In the morning I woke up opened my bedroom door all I could smell was vomit. What the hell was I thinking? To top it all off I had stained the carpet… What an eventful night! I didn’t even think I was that drunk, its always the worse when your laying in bed and the room is spinning. I always tend to embarass myself. The typical line I hear from friends and family is:
“Rach its always you.”
Its true, I always end up in these weird situations… I even got dumped whilst in Australia and I didn’t realise I had a boyfriend… That story is for another time.

Now I need to sleep. I have to be up at 6AM for work tomorrow.

I am trying to do a blog post at least once a month, one I start travelling the East Coast and Asia they will most likely be more frequent as I will be able to write whilst I am on the coach, plane, train etc.



5 thoughts on “Half Way There…

  1. All sounds like a wellwind of great times! The Jass band thing! Iv alway had this dream of walking along a side turning in a village in a hot country and sitting outside with jass going on inside late into the night! Maybe i can do it with you oneday who knows! Loving all your doing Rach you dont just say you do! Love your attitude to life! Your a very special person and all those lovely people you’ve met along the way will always remember you! Friends for life! A friend of mine who lost her husband a couple of years ago took the plunge and went Oz on her own to visit her son and family! Shes 70 this year a year older than me! Shes also just met a man on a Christian site! So it doesnt matter how old you are does it! So hopefully one day that will be me! Love you loads my lovely! Take care love Nan xxxxx

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