New Year’s Eve. A Night I Will Never Forget.


Fireworks. East Balmain.


A New Year. Another Chapter. Lets Make It A Good One

            I hope everyone had a happy new year, whether it was chilling watching T.V or getting drunk! This year was completely different for me as I was in Australia watching the fireworks. I don’t know about you but as soon as the clock hits 12 I get emotional, I think back to what has happened within the last year, the memories that I have made, the people I have met, the people I have lost, how much I have learned. It just comes crashing down on me like a tonne of bricks. I personally do not think that it is a bad thing at all; it’s good to reminisce and look at the person you have become.

As I said in my previous post, if you have made a goal make sure you stick by it. Sometimes you do want to give up, not everything is easy. When things seem to be going right, something bad comes along and says:
“Hi I’m Mr Bullshit and I am here to test you. “
That’s life. You just have to keep focused no matter how hard things might be.

Support your friends and family no matter what journey they are taking, share their success with others and preach about the new journey they are on. Jealousy is a nasty feeling and will only bring you down! Have you ever read peoples statuses on Facebook and you can hear the bitterness when you read them. I recently read a status which said something like “I don’t get why people would spend New Year’s getting drunk, it’s pathetic.” Why do people get so wrapped up in other people’s business, who cares if someone wants to get drunk or stay home. Another typical status I saw was “Here we go again, New Year, New Me statuses. “ If people feel a new year will help them change then let them be.  I love it when people say they want a new start, good for you! Just remember to stay focused and pursue your dreams. They may not happen overnight but they will happen. I think it’s scary the older I am getting the quicker the years seem to be going, this only pushes me even more. Everyone has their journey, make sure yours is a good one (Next blogpost!)

Some of us at New Years. Sydney. Australia.


New Years in Sydney.

Group Selfie. New Years. Sydney. Australia.

New Year’s  Eve in Sydney has to be my best New Year so far. Everyone that knows me, knows how rubbish I am at planning things, especially at New Year. I’m not a person who likes to club on New Year, although I have done it in the past. I was pestering people every day asking the same thing all the time:
“So what’s the plan for New Year?”
I knew I wanted to watch the fireworks in the city and be surrounded by the people I have met along the way whilst in Australia. My friend Jo mentioned a place called Balmain East, my concern was whether I could bring alcohol or not – Ha! When I asked Jo if I could bring alcohol he said:
“Of course you can, don’t be silly!”
He is certainly on my wave length!

So New Years was finally here and I was so excited. I kept checking the weather app and praying it wasn’t going to rain. Australian weather is crazy; you can typically get three seasons in one day! It was cloudy but still really hot.

Nothing ever goes smooth let’s face it. We made a Facebook group and knew there would be around 20 of us. We all met at Darling Harbour to get the ferry over to Balmain and BOOM! We caught the wrong ferry; others who we were meeting were also at the wrong place, so it started fun. These little things make the story more exciting right? At the time we moaned and the amounts of “shit and fucks” I heard once we realised we had caught the wrong ferry was pretty funny. Luckily Grace and her sister, who were actually at the wrong place to where we were supposed to meet arrived at Balmain first and got us the best spot!

A lot of people who I spoke to advised me to arrive there early, some people said 12 PM, others said 6 PM. We all decided to meet in the middle around half 2/3. Although I did panic as some other travelers I had met along the way went into the city at 6 AM, but we still got a good space.

Now there were 20 of us which means we will make plenty of noise, so much noise that four people moved from us. Either we smelt like crap or they couldn’t bare listening to our music and our odd conversations. For example a typical conversation of the night was whether the guys shave…. Down below! (I apologise to any family members that read this- Ha!).

Me and Grace. Titanic Moment.

What do you do when you have to wait 9 hours for fireworks?

Playing Cards Against Humanity. Caught In The Moment.

Nine hours seems a ridiculous time to wait for fireworks, but when you’re with the best company it goes so quick. We decided to play cards against humanity which was quite possibly the funniest time I have played it. Andy couldn’t even read the answers without laughing! This was properly the reason people moved from us, considering the answers that were read out… I can’t even type them! It was just nice to catch up with people, talk about travelling stories and what people have been through especially with their farm work and stuff. The stories you hear about when people travel surprises you, it’s one of the best parts of travelling, hearing and telling the stories.

So what do a bunch of travelers do from 3 PM waiting for fireworks, we get drunk!! I thought I would be sensible and told everyone I probably won’t start drinking until 7, did I fuck! I couldn’t help it, and I definitely weren’t going to be the sober fart sitting there. A good story tends to be when you’re drunk right? So we all got drunk and chatted crap – for me this was the best.

As I started drinking so early, I actually felt like I needed a nap. Everyone knows sleeping is my hobby so me and Grace decided we wouldn’t mind a little nap, by now it was about 10PM. We both laid on the floor and decided we would face each other almost like we were talking face to face but I covered my face with my hair and she had her sunglasses. Firstly, why did we even think this would even work? Secondly, it didn’t work!
(Note to drunk Rachel: Don’t try and pretend to sleep on a hill with a group of friends).

When Me and Grace tried to sleep. Me, Grace, Ronnie, Andy.

As time went on we all needed to entertain ourselves, this involved me and a new  friend having a twerk off. I started dance classes and as soon as that was the topic of conversation people wanted to see what I had learned – Please note I still look like a fat octopus. Yet drunk Rachel thinks she looks like one of Beyonces’ back up dancers…

My Twerking Partner. Alicia.

During the night I also lost my shoes… Well drunk Rachel thought someone had stolen them. I was looking at everyone’s feet including men’s… They were heels so you can imagine what the men were thinking when I asked:
“Are you wearing my heels?”
I was not going to the toilet with no shoes, so I “borrowed” someone’s flip flops. I asked if anyone knew whose flip flops they were. No one knew so I just used them to go to the toilet. Later that evening someone from the group said someone had stolen his flip flops, which to my embarrassment were next to me. Oh by the way my shoes were in my bag…

Overall we had such a great and amazing night. I was surrounded by the friends I have met and love dearly, met new people that night including my fellow twerking partner. Its not about where you are its about the company! I cannot thank everyone enough of that night.


                The fireworks in Sydney were breathe taking and being there watching them after all these years watching them on TV in England was the best feeling. The 12 minutes they were on for went so quick, I just wanted that moment to last forever. In Sydney they also set fireworks off at 9 PM for families and they were spectacular so I knew the 12 AM ones were going to be much better. Here are some pictures:

Getting home

                So getting home wasn’t always going to be smooth, but again it made it fun and exciting. The que for the bus was ridiculous, there was a house fire so the road was blocked off, none of us knew where the bus stop was so was walking for a hour following a crowd of people but I loved it! We all went a different way home and a group of us got the bus, which was delightful, probably not for the rest of the people on the bus! Imagine a group of ten of us singing Forever Blowing Bubbles, on a bus in Australia. How English can you get? The couple sitting in front of me kept huffing, people can be so miserable. If you can’t beat them, join them! This was the best bus ride I have ever been on. A few people come back to mine, and what did we do? Eat pasta and go to sleep! We got home around 3 AM, so yeah it was a long day but it was so worth it.

Quite possibly the best picture of the night. Bus on the way home!

Thank you for everyone who was there who made this the best New Year!
You lot are my world!
Thank you Sean, Celina, Henri for keeping me company.
Check out below the picture of the next day – Ha!
Andy look under the next picture!

The day after new years. The way I look is the way I felt. Sums up New Year.
Personal joke.

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