To My Future Self.

Graffiti wall at Bondi Beach.

New Year. New Me. 

New Years is fast approaching and that means one thing – New Years resolutions! I never have a New Years resolution and when people put up the typical status “New Year New Me” I’m like shut up, you will always be the same person you was on 31/12/15 at 11:59 compared to this “new”person you will be on 1/1/16 at 12:00. Call me a bitch- I agree. Why did I think this?  Is this not a good thing when people are excited for a fresh start? So then why did I criticise the people that would write these comments? I know why… Because I knew I wouldn’t change. I couldn’t see myself changing. I knew I will be stuck in the same situation, with the same people around me. In my head I thought how is it possible to start fresh because its a new year… Note to self – YOU can!

2016 has been a roller-coaster of a journey. The beginning of the year I qualified as a Probation Officer, started a new office, was in a relationship, the middle of the year I left my career to go travelling, travelling was stalled as I had surgery, now I’m in Australia starting a new life. The people I surround myself with has changed a lot, I have removed myself from situations and let go of negativity. 2017 is going to be epic – New Year New ME!

Recently I called my sister and was nearly in tears as I was worried what my life will be like when I return to the U.K. I am nervous, its almost like starting again. I was really excited previously as I have so much to look forward to – seeing my family again, my mums wedding, meeting my baby niece but then what about after all the excitement. In my head I thought its going to be the same old crap and I panicked. My sister said the best thing to me “Because you think it will be rubbish that is what will happen.”It was true, I had so much negativity and I am so young I still have my whole life (Well until 30 if I want to work and travel again). I have so many options yet I could go back home and feel I can not leave my family and friends again.

For 2017 I have decided to keep a journal – Not a day to day journal but a journal with my dreams and I will write how I will pursue these dreams. By the end of 2017 I will be on my way to achieve these dreams or achieved them. I will write myself a letter – To my future self, this will have my what I want to achieve and I will open this New Years Eve 2017. So much can happen in one year and I can honestly say this year has been life changing. Has it been easy? Hell no! Was it worth it? Hell yeah. To get what you want you have to make sacrifices but YOU can do it.

To all those people that say – New Year New ME, good for you! Achieve them goals whatever it is. A new year a fresh start. I have written my goals, things that are out of my comfort zone. Watch this space. (Thank you to my grandad for believing in me and given me new ideas).


I have completed my goal for 2016- coming to Australia. The best thing I have ever done. Travelling meant I made the best of friends, realising what I want, finding my good and bad qualities. I’ve been at my happiest and had pretty low days where I missed home but I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.  I had to save for over a year to afford this trip and it was worth it. I am already working on my goals for next year and have booked my flight to Bali, booked all my hostels for the East Coast and  booking the rest of my flights for Asia the first week in January. Roll on 2017.

What has Travel and Curls been up to? 

It was Christmasssss!!! Me, my cousin and her friends went out for the night which was great. Not going to lie I woke up Christmas Day still drunk. I haven’t been out for Christmas Eve for a long time but I had such a great time!

Christmas Eve.


Although I had a great Christmas Day with my family it was so weird that it was hot! I’m glad I got to experience a hot Christmas and it didn’t stop me from eating loads of food. My family spoilt me rotten- I couldn’t thank them enough. Think I will spend Christmas in Australia every year!

Going into a swimming pool on Christmas Day was an experience!!

Hot weather on Christmas Day.

The inbetween stage between Christmas and New Years is always strange. I always eat and drink too much over Christmas that I feel my body has to rest for a while #FatProblems.

A few days after Christmas I went to Hyams beach with some good friends. I have been here before but I love it. The day I went two great white sharks were spotted and I crapped myself. All I could hear was a man shouting saying get out the water and a crowd formed. Everyone was watching these two large shadows in the water. I was so scared to go into the sea after that but me and Neila did…  I needed a wee – Haha! Too much information?!?

I want to swim with sharks when I go to Asia? God help me!

This beach has to be the best beach I have ever been to, it’s so clean and the sand is so soft and white.

Hyams Beach. Jervis Bay. My Favourite Beach.


The day after I went to Bondi with a few friends. This is not my favourite beach but it’s still beautiful. I love hidden beaches where it’s quiet. I do love jumping with the waves- feeling like a big kid again.

Bondi Beach. Me and Celina.


That evening I was in my room and noticed a huntsman on my bedroom wall. (Please google what a huntsman is if you don’t know). I have never screamed so much. Thank you Sean and Henri for saving me and Celina for holding my hand whilst standing on the bed with me.

So New Years is practically here. For New Years I will be spending it with people I have met along my travels. We will be in the city watching the fireworks.

I wish everyone a happy new year and remember new year. New Me!

Stay focused on your goals no matter how difficult they might seem you can do it!

Rae X


2 thoughts on “To My Future Self.

  1. Fascinating reading Rach….Good work….A born writer….You are special…..Deep down you know what you want to achieve, so just focus, follow your heart and don’t get distracted…..Massive Hugs…XXX

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