Settling in Sydney. Finding my feet.

Waterfall near the Jenolan Caves.


“I am thankful for all those that said no to me. It’s because of them I am doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein.

Don’t be alarmed- I am not settling in Sydney forever.

Wow – has it really been 3 months since I landed in Australia? Time is going so quick already and its scary. When I look back at everything I have done it really does surprise me. Every month I look through my journal at what I have accomplished within the time I have been here – The people I have met and the places I’ve seen. London life seems so long ago. It still feels surreal I am in Australia. When I go to Circular Quay and see the Opera House and Harbor Bridge that is when it hits me the most that I’m here.

Sitting in a park under the Harbour Bridge.


One of the main reasons I came out here.

So I feel I have settled in Sydney, I am working in a security firm and living with two amazing guys. In my previous post I said I will talk about the people I met – I can’t list them individually as there are so many people I have met along the way – whether this is at work, on nights out, hostels (I have met the majority of my friends here), through my family, on the plane, housemates. All these people have inspired me in different ways. Before I left for Australia I wanted to meet people from all over the world. I have met people from all over the United Kingdom – Essex, Leeds, Manchester, Ipswich, London, Kent etc as well as people from different countries including Scotland,  Denmark, Germany, America, Mexico, Australia Netherlands, France… The list goes on. This is my favorite part coming to Australia, the different people I have met. I have made some beautiful friends for life and I don’t know what I’d do without them. All from different walks of life and all so unique. They have made me smile non stop and when I get a message from them I get so happy. It’s so nice being around people that are in the same boat as me.

As Steve Harvey said “Surround yourself with like minded people.”

The other travelers I have met along the way all have different reasons as to why they came to Australia. We all had a reason why we left our lives back home, whether it was boredom, a bad break up, change of career, different lifestyle and to hear each of their stories intrigues me. Many of us had the same feeling, wanting to start fresh and start a new journey. We all miss people back home but we have each other whilst we are on this journey. I plan to meet so many more people on this experience.

It’s been 3 months but I have met friends who I will have for a lifetime.

Here are some of the beautiful people I have met so far.


Fraction of people I have met along the way.

I have places to go, but not people to see.

So I have made a list of all the things I want to do whilst I am in Sydney. Some I will do on my own, some with friends and family. I just need to make sure I do them all before I leave in April.

– Featherdale (Where I can get my traditional selfie with a kangaroo).
– Collins Beach/ Jump rock.
– Coastal walk.
– Palms beach (Where Home and Away is filmed).
– Jervais Bay/ Hyams beach.
– Royal National Park.
Jenolan caves. 
Blue mountains (Three sisters).
Harbour Bridge. 
Opera house. 
– Kangaroo Valley (Water rafting).
– Mermaid pools.
– Cathedral rocks (Especially at sunset).

There is loads more to see and do whilst I am in Sydney but I need to tick these ones off first. The ones I have put a line through is what I have done already – which doesn’t seem a lot but I have been to quite a few beaches since I have been here. I have also decided I need to stop partying as much as I have been and to explore more. Since I have arrived in Sydney most weekends I have been getting drunk with friends – Don’t get me wrong it has been so fun but I really need to see more of this beautiful country. This Saturday if the weather is nice I will be going to Collins beach with some friends to jump of a cliff – watch this space (hopefully I have the guts to do it).

Blue Mountains.


Noodles is the name.

So I’m thinking to change my blog to travel and noodles – ha ha! I have been given a lot of nicknames in my life – Poodle (Always changing my hair style), Scary Spice (Everyone in Australia love to call me this – I wonder why? Someone did call me Beyonce – I was flattered and cried with happiness but he was drunk so he clearly had his beer goggles on), Lanky – I’ve had it all. Now everyone at work calls me noodles because of my hair. I’m pretty pleased with this nickname – ha ha. One thing I’ve noticed – Australians love a nickname. I officially feel like a Aussie with a nickname!

My first soccer game

It seems like ages ago I went to my first soccer game, I do not know why I haven’t been to a football game back home. I can not even describe the atmosphere – it was full of energy and everyone was on a high (maybe not so much after the game as my team lost). The experience was amazing and I would love to see more sport games. I definitely need to watch an American Basketball game *adds to bucket list*.

Beer before the soccer game.


Jenolan caves. 

So now I have decided not to party as much me and my cousin went to the Jenolan Caves (within the blue mountains). I can honestly say I would rather do these things every weekend than partying. The views were breathtaking. I saw my first waterfall as well as the Blue Lake (I have never seen a lake so blue). The caves themselves were beautiful and when the tour guide told us they are 300 million years old – I was quite overwhelmed. I felt so privileged to walk through these caves (Warning – do not go here if you are claustrophobic). As a tall person I had to duck quite a lot – hitting my head on a few (many) occasions. The scenery going to the Jenolan caves, driving through the Blue Mountains was mesmerizing. I got to see some wildlife – beautiful birds, lizards etc. The world really is a beautiful place.

Within the Jenolan Caves. The Imperial Cave.
Blue Lake. Jenolan Caves.

Skinny Sydney. 

So I have nicknamed Sydney- Skinny Sydney. Everyone seems to be into their fitness and health which is a good thing for me. I have recently started a gym, Snap Fitness which is great and is open 24/7. It is a small gym but has everything I need for what I want to do. I start my personal training sessions soon which will help me a lot. After not being at the gym for 8 months I had no idea what to do. Having a personal trainer will help me get back onto track. Not only have I joined the gym to loose weight but I also want to be fit when I travel the East Coast/ South East Asia. During the time I am travelling I will be climbing mountains, swimming in the sea, walking on beaches and I really don’t want to be the fatty 10 miles behind everyone else.

I am also eating much more healthier and have stopped eating meat for a little while. When I stopped eating meat before I lost so much weight. You could say I am on a detox for a while. Roll on the salads and the Beyonce figure (I wish).

Healthy food. Good book. Sun = Perfect.


Where to next? 

I have recently planned my next journey up the East Coast. I have been reading so many blogs and spoke to many people who have travelled the East Coast. Every time I talk to someone about it my stomach turns with excitement.  I printed out a map and planned my route. Here it is:


East Coast route.

I have also sorted a plan for when I go Asia which I will be doing in one big circle (Please see my map which has my route). I am really excited for South East Asia – The waterfalls, islands, beaches and temples. This is where I will swim with sharks (Whale Sharks – picture below). Not long now!

South East Asia route.

So my plan is in April when my contract finishes for work, I will travel the East Coast and from there I will head to South East Asia before heading back home to England in time for my mums wedding.

Whale shark.

To top it all off before I travel the East Coast I will be seeing Adele with my family.

2017 is going to be the best! I have so much to look forward to.

What I have learnt so far. 

I have learned England will always be home. Before I came to Australia I complained about my life all the time. I was depressed and felt like there was more to life. Since being away from home it has made me realise how amazing my life is back home. I have such a supportive family who I miss dearly, the best of friends, a well paid career and I live so close to such a vibrant city – London. We take things for granted but I promise my family when I return home I won’t moan (as much).

Although I miss home, I’m not ready to come home – just yet. I still have things to see and new people to meet.

Love and miss you all.

Rae. x


































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