I’m just Rachel from England.

Great Ocean road. Victoria.

“The greatest thing about travelling is the unknown, and no one knowing your background”- Rae.

I have recently returned to Sydney after having the most amazing time in Melbourne. I was apprehensive, given I had no idea who would be in my hostel dorm. I have stayed in hostels in Europe but have always been with friends so doing this alone was scary.

I knew I would either love or hate this experience. I can honestly say I met the most amazing people, all in a similar situation as me. The one thing I started to think was I’m just Rachel from England. None of these people know what problems I have had in my life, none of these people are going to bring up my past, the stupid things I have done, the guys I have dated. We are new friends who will talk about what happened last night at the bar and what were eating for dinner, yet this was really refreshing.

I was out of my comfort zone whilst in Melbourne, which was intimidating yet in the end this was reviving. In England I went through a stage where I suffered from anxiety. I would be nervous popping to the shops yet over here I explored the city on my own, talked to strangers and even met up with someone who I didn’t know however we had a had a mutual friend (Thank you again David for the hook up, Beth is fabulous).

Hostel friends. Me, Jeremy, Beth, Sam, Ed, Peirre.


Melbourne is known to be one of the best cities in the world to live in. It is vibrant and full of energy. I felt safe touring the city on my own, although I had no idea where I was going. The only worrying thing I had encountered was whether I should cross the road when I see a women high on drugs with her bum out – I wish I was that brave to walk around with my bum out. Melbourne overall was a great city and I am already planning to go back.


The best hostel I have stayed in. The hostel itself was great, the staff were friendly and helpful. The facilities were good, clean bathrooms and bed sheets. The best part about this hostel was my room mates-  Sam, Ed, Ella and Sara (I was calling her Karen the whole time, typical of me). We were all in the same situation and I can not wait to hear more about their travelling journey. They were fun, exciting, laid back and outgoing. We were all up for a drink and even had my first goon experience (or as me and Ed called it – Goon shower). One night we went to the bar and what ended up being a table of 4 of us ended up being a table of 12. Everyone was so outgoing just wanted to have fun. Beth (The girl who I had never met, but we had a mutual friend) came to the hostel bar and she was amazing. I have definitely made a friend for life however she tricked us big time saying she got us a shot of apple sours- but nope this green shot was in fact absinthe. What a legend! I really am lucky I had the opportunity to meet these people from all walks of life. I would highly recommend staying in this hostel, they hold events every evening in the bar which gives you a chance to socialise with others.

Great Ocean road

The one thing on my list to do when I went to Melbourne was to explore the Great Ocean road. Me and Sam looked at hiring a car however it was really expensive so decided to go on a tour – I did not regret this one bit. Again it had given me the opportunity to meet some fabulous people and the tour guide was entertaining. The views were prodigious and this tour included going to the twelve apostles, rainforest as well as witnessing Koala’s in their natural habitat. This was with a company called Bunyip and they were great.

12 Apostles.

Melbourne was such an experience and I met so many people who were all incredible.  I met people in the hostel, tour and even on the plane. It was evident I was out of my comfort zone yet this was exhilarating.

Travelling makes you realise many things about yourself and even things back home including how lucky I am to have such beautiful family and friends who are so supportive of my dreams. There is more to life than home, whether to go to one country a year for a few weeks or travel one country for two years, exploring new places and people opens so many doors and horizons.

“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” – Irving Wallace

Now to look for my next destination and hostel.

Rae. x


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