Another day, another dollar.


As much as I would love to just travel, I have to work to get by. I would love to be rich and just travel for the rest of my life but I’m not – Haha!

I have never experienced working in the city before, back home I worked on the outskirts of London. This has now changed as I landed my first job in Australia which was in the big city.

View from the office.

I have been applying for Temporary jobs to get me by. Cox Purtell called me on Monday 4th September. They wanted to know more about me and what jobs I would be interested in. They called me in for a interview on Wednesday 6th September and that evening called me to work for their company the rest of the week. They were short staffed and needed a helping hand.  I was so nervous as I had never worked in recruitment. I admire anyone who does it as it is very fast paced and the hours can be long. I am grateful this was the first company I worked for in Australia, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They were all so friendly and lovely, and the receptionist was so amazing. Also one of the managers bought the team lunch, this is when I found out I love sushi. Previously I have only tried Tesco package Sushi and did not like it at all but it’s actually really good.

Whoever knows me, knows nothing is ever a smooth ride. There is always a little hiccup, but I have started to embrace them. My first day at work was over, as soon as it hit 5PM I was so excited to go home and have a glass of wine and chat with my aunt. I couldn’t find the bus stop, so this took around 30 minutes (Google Maps took me on a little detour). My battery was dying and so I asked the bus driver what stop I needed to get off at, he said he would let me know. I text my aunt saying how far I am and my battery was dying. As time was getting on its getting darker and darker. The bus driver shouted out – This stop! As I got off my heart stopped. The first thing that went through my head was “Where the hell am I?” This was not my stop and I had no idea where I was, I didn’t even recognise the road I was at. At this point my battery was on 1 percent so I tried ringing my aunt and then sent a text saying I’m at Providence Drive, as soon as I sent the text my battery died. I had no idea if my aunt received the text so I started walking down this road (The longest road ever!)

What was I supposed to do in a country I don’t know, no phone and its pitch black. I had no idea if I was walking in the right direction. I saw a Chinese man who was getting into his car outside his house so I asked whether he knew Lotus Close. He couldn’t speak English so I had to find someone else. I wasn’t even panicking I just laughed and thought “This is just typical Rachel, no wonder you have been called the S**t magnet.”

Short story about my nickname – S**h magnet.
When I worked in Probation, some colleagues called me the s**t magnet as 
I would always get complicated cases. I felt this name was appropriate at this moment in time.

So as I carried on my journey I saw a builder and asked him if he knew Lotus Close, he said he had no idea as he wasn’t from the area and said I should ask the woman whose house he is doing work on. I anxiously knocked on this woman’s house and appologised stating I have never done this but I am lost and need to get to my aunts. She offered me a lift home and I couldn’t have been more grateful. It proves there are decent people in the world, and I really don’t know what I would have done without her. We had a chat about London and stuff as she was driving me home. I offered her money but she didn’t want it so I gave her a hug – I love a hug!

Blimey- another stranger hug, I think I will start wearing a sign saying please hug me!

Finally I was home, 2 and a half hours later. My aunt panicked as she had no idea where I was but when I finally got home we laughed and thought lets end this with a glass of wine.

So the next day I was back at work and it was Friday. I knew what I had to do and helped the receptionist with paperwork. At 4PM they popped the champagne in the office, something I had never experienced but I was not complaining! We all discussed how our week went, I was only there for 2 days so all I said was Hi guys, bye guys!

Champagne at 4.

It was a great company to start my work life with, although it was only for a few days. I met some amazing people. They found me more work but as I am going Melbourne I couldn’t do it. I was worried coming to Australia and not being able to find work however it has been fine, and loads of agencies have been in contact. I will be signing up to more agencies when I come back from Melbourne.

If anyone would like to work and travel I would recommend signing up with Cox Purtell, they are a great agency to be working for and so friendly.

Here’s to the work life…

Rae x


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