London Heathrow to Sydney. The tears, smiles and byes.


I have planned this trip for what feels like a forever, but I never thought about the hardest part. The goodbye. I think I have blocked this part out until D day come and then reality hit. It hit me most when I left my house and was like wow I am not going to see this place for a while.

I am actually doing this, I am leaving my life in London for this once in a lifetime experience. As I’m sitting on the plane now I still don’t think this is real- one minute I’m smiling at this new chapter and not knowing what is round the corner, the next I am getting tears in my eyes due to the fact I have left a lot behind.

The final three weeks in London have been the best, I have been spending time with the best people a girl could ask for, to the point I started getting cold feet because the love I was feeling from everyone was amazing.  My final last night in London was the best and even was able to try out the new night tube before I left – The little things in life aye!

The day I was leaving I was so nervous I could barely eat. In my head all I was thinking was have I packed everything. I had a few hiccups at the airport, first there was a slight problem boarding the plane as the airline missed the hyphen between my surnames – Brilliant! That was sorted but so many things were going through my head – I actually thought someone is trying to stop me from going. Then again nothing is a smooth ride and I have accepted that.

Fourteen members of my family came to the airport to see me, I was like wow are they really all here. In my head I pictured going to the airport on my own but what a great send off. The tears flooded like crazy, seeing my little sisters cry was heartbreaking. In my head I was thinking should I be doing this. Saying goodbye to loved ones was emotional, I have never cried so much in my life and in reality I was so focused on this trip that I did not even think about the fact I am leaving them for a while,

When I left them I went straight through security, still sobbing at the fact I wasn’t going to see these nutters for a long time. I rushed to the bathroom, I was pretty embarrassed. I thought how mad do I look walking around crying. I put my stuff on the side and wiped my tears, trying to get rid of the red nose I had encountered. I found the gate I was departing from and there we had it, I lost my phone, I just looked up to the sky started laughing and was like really (At this point I couldn’t even cry about it so the best thing was to laugh). You know what life is not about material things, leaving my family at that moment in time was more important than a phone. I bought my tablet so luckily I could send a Facebook message just to let them know what had happened.

London to Manila

The longest flight I have been on was to Dubai, which was around 8 hours, so the thought of flying for 12 hours to the Philippines scared me. I honestly thought I do not know how I am going to do this and I did tell my family I will just make random friends. A lot of the time I slept – I was so exhausted.  However I did wake up every time when the food came- typical of me! The airline play films and also give you a iPad to watch your own film. It does get to the point were you get a bit fed up and feel like talking. The woman next to me was watching something so there was this guy opposite me, I just asked him a question about the iPad but he did not seem chatty enough for me – we did speak when we got off as we both had connecting flights and had no idea where we were going. He was going Hong Kong and we wished each other well.

Ms Sheila

So my hunt to find someone to talk to was still on, the woman next to me had woken up and so I asked a simple question “Did you sleep okay?” There we had it, I made a best friend on the flight to Manila haha. She really did help me get through this flight. Ms Sheila is from the Philippines and moved to London in 2003. She is a nurse and has three children- all are gorgeous! We were talking for hours and found out she was going back to the Philippines as her father died, as soon as she told me that I hugged her- I actually hugged a stranger! First time for everything I guess. I just felt sadness for her, I can not imagine my life without my dad and the fact I had just left my dad, it all got to me. When we got off we both wished each other well and we gave each other one more hug. My sister said I would become a hippie, it’s already started – I’m hugging strangers!

Guy with the green shirt

Me and this guy were both in the que for our connecting flight, he was in front of me and I asked “By any chance are you going Sydney?” Boom – yes he was! We started talking about his time in Australia. He was originally from London and went to Australia in the 1970’s with his wife. He owns a business in England and has recently sold this. Half the year he spends time in England and the other half in Australia. He gave me loads of tips and we spoke a bit more on the flight about his children and wife.

Ms Sheila and green shirt guy were both completely different people, with different backgrounds but they had one thing in common. They both immigrated to a another country for a better life and both agreed they are happy they made that choice. It really does make you think, life is so short and if you want to do something to better yourself then go for it.

Manila to Sydney

I am currently writing this post on this flight, it’s empty and I am loving the space. When I arrived at Manila I needed to freshen up so went to the bathroom (This time making sure I would not leave anything) and tried to wash in the toilet sink and brush my teeth, it was so busy but I could not smell like they way I did- Hey it’s a part of the experience don’t judge my smelly self! Anyway the flight to Sydney is 7 hours, I should land in about 3 hours time. So far it has been a crazy experience and have enjoyed travelling on my own, it really does push you to meet new people.

Next stop Sydney… WOOOHOOO!!


15 thoughts on “London Heathrow to Sydney. The tears, smiles and byes.

  1. That was so lovely reading your first experience going it alone so far away! I think it runs in the family when it comes to talking to people! Comes in handy and you make new friends! Looking forward to the next chapter my lovely! Xx

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  2. Hi Rachel I just finished reading your it was really good but the tears started welling up half way through but I managed to continue reading,I’m so happy for you sweetheart you follow your heart and enjoy every moment over there,keep us updated on what your doing and seeing love ❤ you

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